It is likely that users of this rubric will detect that the cell boundaries are permeable, and the criteria of the rubric are, to a degree, interrelated. The complexity of inquiry and analysis tasks is determined in part by how much information or guidance is provided to a student and how much the student constructs. However, there are also many helpful online rubric builder that automate the process of building a rubric. VALUE Rubrics were designed to be used as a component of an institution- or program-level assessment strategy. In addition, civic engagement encompasses actions wherein individuals participate in activities of personal and public concern that are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community. Three key questions are:.

Creative thinking in higher education can only be expressed productively within a particular domain. Reflection provides the evaluator with a much better understanding of who students are because through reflection students share how they feel about or make sense of their learning experiences. Two characteristics define the ways in which this rubric is to be used. The main purpose of rubric modification is to increase faculty and student understanding of the state criteria so that the resulting assessments will accurately reflect actually learning as it is framed for a particular assessment activity. The student must have a strong foundation in the strategies and skills of the domain in order to make connections and synthesize. Rubrics Using a high-quality rubric makes assessment, grading, and evaluation both easier and more precise. While demonstrating solid knowledge of the domain’s parameters, the creative thinker, at the highest levels of performance, pushes beyond those boundaries in new, unique, or atypical recombinations, uncovering or critically perceiving new syntheses and using or recognizing creative risk-taking to achieve a solution.

aacu critical thinking value rubric

Manhattan, KS assessment ksu. Face-validity is already strong overall but will be confirmed for use in coursework assessment during our pilot of rubric integration. In addition, a national reliability study and several consortia of campuses have achieved acceptable levels of reliability in projects focused on one or more of thinkking rubrics. The precise terminology used to describe learning expectations is likely to differ from program to program and should be adapted to accommodate the nuance of these variations.


This rubric distills the common elements of most problem-solving contexts and is designed to function across all disciplines.

Rubrics – Tarleton State University

Peer ReviewVol 13, No. Allen at Miami-Dade College. Therefore, it is possible critiacl a student to receive high ratings, even if the team as a whole is rather flawed. Using a high-quality rubric makes assessment, grading, and evaluation both easier and more precise. Oral communication is a prepared, purposeful presentation designed to increase knowledge, to foster understanding, or to promote change in the listeners’ attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors. Contact the Office of Assessment at or assessment ksu.

These rubrics have been used at over institutions. Ideally, collections of student work, such as E-portfolios are assessed by multiple raters to determine student proficiency.

For panel presentations or group presentations, it is recommended that each speaker be evaluated separately. The written communication, oral communication, and critical thinking rubrics represent areas on which the Kansas Board of Regents is currently requesting data for levels of student achievement. You can also download the slides from the presentation.

This writing rubric is designed for use in a wide variety of educational institutions. Please login to view pages 2 – 1.

While we think of rubrics as assessment instruments, they are much more tha Part 2: Creative thinking in higher education can only be expressed productively within a particular domain.

Also included with each rubric is a page of helpful definitions, framing language, and a glossary of terms.

aacu critical thinking value rubric

Having been tested for validity and reliability, they can be readily adapted to accommodate the language used to frame learning goals for individual programs. Written communication involves learning to work in many genres and styles.


This rubric is designed to measure the quality of thinnking process, rather than the quality of an end-product.

VALUE Rubrics

Assignments that encourage students to reflect on how they incorporated their lifelong learning skills into their work samples or collections of work by applying above skills and dispositions will provide the means for assessing those criteria.

Ideally, a collection of work would contain a wide variety of different types of work thinling might include: An oral answer to a single question not designed to be structured into a presentation does not readily apply to this rubric.

Writing Effective Rubrics Comprehensive guide prepared by Dr. The VALUE rubrics represent the most common characteristics or dimensions of student learning for the vaoue student learning outcomes. They provide very valid and reliable means for assessing sixteen key student learning outcomes.

This rubric best applies to presentations of sufficient length such that a central message is conveyed, supported by one or aaxu forms of supporting materials and includes a purposeful organization.


They understand and can create sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence and they can clearly communicate those arguments in a variety of formats. Brophy of the University of Florida.

aacu critical thinking value rubric

Work samples or collections of work tell what is known or can be done by students, while reflections criticcal what students think or feel or perceive. Teaching QL requires us to design assignments that address authentic, data-based problems.

Quantitative Literacy QL — also known as Numeracy or Quantitative Reasoning QR — is a “habit of mind,” competency, and comfort in working with numerical data. In the video below Dritical.

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