Consequences will be initiated as soon as possible. Transportation must be provided by the student. Extremely inappropriate behavior toward an adult. Students are required to make up their schoolwork prior to their absence. Academic Classes – Those classes which concentrate on the most fundamental of educational skills. Infinite Campus – Parent Portal. State Superintendent, WI, Dept.

A pass must be presented to your classroom teacher to be released. Student will be expected to make restitution. When an absence is necessary, the parent or guardian should notify the office, providing the reason for the absence. Mediations may be arranged at the request of students, school staff, and parents. After school detention 3:

Notification will be made by the school to parents of students who have acquired absences excused and unexcused for the school year totaling all or parts of eleven days, fifteen days and twenty days. Defiance of school authority. Students may not copy programs off the computer network.

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House – A specific area of the school where students are assigned for their academic subjects. The Board will take the issue s under 6tu, and after deliberation, respond within ten days.

Student will be expected to make restitution. Any student in possession of such a device will have it confiscated. If your cooperation homewwork maintaining proper library atmosphere is lacking, the privilege of using it during the day will be taken away.


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Coats, jackets, and hats are to be stored in student lockers; they are not allowed to be worn in school. Level 3 – Major infractions regarding disrespect toward an adult. Use of gold card for hall pass. Office personnel will manage emergencies gtade when the nurse is not present.

Daily announcements will be given by the second hour teacher. A tutor will be available on Monday through Thursday, from 3: As part of the learning process of Amery Middle School the student shall.

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Follow additional classroom rules. Loss of Semester reward. However, the riding privileges will be suspended for fifteen days.

If issue relates to personnel, the Board may go into closed session to receive such presentations. A maximum of 1 credit may be earned back uomework monitored after school study hall MASH pending principal approval.

Lee, or the teacher in charge if the computer is not working properly or if they need help with software. Depending on the severity of the offense the consequences could be more severe. Academic Classes – Those classes which concentrate on the most fundamental of educational skills.

In order to participate in co-curricular events, a student must maintain acceptable grades. State Superintendent, WI, Dept. A parent or guardian may excuse a child for up to ten days in a school year, provided the excuse is in writing and prior to the absence.


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Transportation must be provided by the student. Amery Middle School Office: Computer Lab is open from 8: When working through conflict situations, students are encouraged to state the facts, tell how they are feeling, listen carefully to what the other person has to say and decide together what needs to be done to resolve the problem.

Interest and concerns should be expressed in writing at the time the request is made. Flexible scheduling is possible, individualized instruction is increased and interdisciplinary instruction becomes an important tool for education.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

Parents may contact the counselor atext. Discipline Procedure Per Level: Any student that receives an incomplete grade in any course during 3rd or 6th term must complete all missing work and have the incomplete grade removed from their report card to attend the semester reward activity. Try to arrange this for the last part of the period or during your study hall time.

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