Please do not join this, 5 people will enjoy at the expense of people. Why are you posting outright lies such as Amway sales The more people that work for you, the more money you make. The kicker is that minimun BV every month is ridiculously small September 14, at 6: Now I know education has its limits re wealth etc, but it helps u make sensible decisions vs dumb ones! We planned on meeting the next day on Sunday at a Starbucks although he wanted to meet at a restaurant.

Don’t allow yourself to be hijacked or derailed from your purpose or planned destiny in this short life and this goes for both side of this argument. Looking back to just this past week, the people who recruit are heavily trained to do so and probably bank off of doing so. There were some months that some people in my group earned more money than me. Google review on BWW and Amway and see what people are saying about and what people have experienced. They only mentioned u can make k usd per year and per day – eventually. But tell me what did you learn from BOOKs, every successful person spend time to read books about other sucessful person.

Check the latest fees in your IBO kit. And yo can cut the tapespeak. March 17, at December 15, at 7: By the way you will never make more than your immediate supervisor or manager. I don’t want to retire in my entire life.

Then be resented by many. On the Internet you’ll always fine negativity about successful people and companies. This blog guy making you to follow him to be a looser That would be interesting wouldn’t it?

Lastly guys we can hate or support each other on these blogs. In Amway you plant thousands of amwat for little fruit. I said yes ok then refused to come.


If you get in be ready to get charged much because guys above want amwat make money and to charge others yourself if you want to make money.

I have seen franchise business like Mc Donald’s go out of business and you invested millions, in amway it’s – 65 for your website, license and insurance the difference is for products for you to try or give as samples plus you have a 90 day trial with the tools and days money back guaranty on products. Don’t allow yourself to be hijacked or derailed from your purpose or planned destiny in this short life and this goes for both side of this argument.

amway bww business plan

People the bottom line is Amway and BWW works the partner stores like Disney, Best buy, Apple etc are all approved and have done their due diligence before partnering with Amway As for being a pyramid or ponied scheme, it seems to me none of you know what a pyramid is are you aware you job, your government, church every organization is in some form of a pyramid can you become the president of this country or any, can you take the place or make more than your CEO the ans is NO.

You won’t make a single penny by joining the business run by a company whose turn over is 2 billion or even 3 trillion. The guy texts me about the initial meeting and showing up early in business attire. I am a respective man with a healthy and descent set of morals and value’s. I will give you answers from my experience.

Why Amway/Quixtar/BWW is a Scam?

I have repeatedly tried to convince him that ‘the system’ is primarily designed to bwa and reproduce itself since that how uplines above a certain level make their money. It’s good that BWW gives to charity. I have invited some of those big pins to come forward and display their financials in their own defense and nobody has taken the challenge. M also an Indian and would like fellow Indians to not fall in amwya booby trap. Brainwashing and lying and cult like behavior – this should all be illegal.


Sales and Marketing Plan

However although the guy knew that they are both from Vietnam originally so they claimed he said “no it is totally fine! But from what I just read and from what my girlfriend just told me about her first meeting.

Amway like any business takes time, yes they say in months you can become a platinum making per month and I have seen people who started around like me doing it. Bww promises are fake!

amway bww business plan

I decided to do a little research and found this blog. He made his fortune from selling IBO’s his books and businsss, not from applying what he teaches. If it sounds too good to be true then chances are that they it is. Please do not join this, 5 people will enjoy at the expense of people. Do you wish for you children to work for a company that pays little, have they work long hours and on contract whereby they can lay them off. You should be unscrupulous and drain every penny from the pockets of students who are working as dishwashers, labour jobs and force them out to spend all their time in malls to retail and grab unsuspecting shoppers to join the business.

I think businessmen are born with talents

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