Show posts by this member only Post 8. You don’t have to pay for 6 months after the date you finish study not graduation ceremony. The approving process will take up to 2 months. Personal Finance Management For Newbies. Have you decided about what to study next? Because is already after the 6 months period. They say my application is “layak” which means eligible.

Verification letter if “First Class” is not stated in your degree certificates 5. So the question here is.. Kendysia 13 September, Anonymous 6 October at I didn’t even know what is MQA Accreditation but Monash prepared it for me so hooorahhh for this lazy and blur kid wtf!

My idea of beautiful: How to apply for PTPTN repayment exemption

It is quite unfair that I got to complete my course in less than 3 years while the others can complete in 3 years time. I am now a successful business woman, and I became useful. Get unsecured working capital?

application letter for ptptn exemption

I can’t complete my course with less than 3 years time so sad. If you have anything you exemptuon to clarify, please leave a comment here and I will reply if I see it!

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (UMT)

Else, it would take more than 2 months and might pass ptprn 12 months grace period. Application must be submitted within a period of twelve 12 months from the date of convocation.

Basically all I had to do was get a number at the information counter the lady will assist you, just tell her you are a first class student lol and wait for my turn. Months after I still haven gotten the letter of confirmation.


Pillow Talk Till Dawn: Repayment Exemption for PTPTN Loan

I think you need to call and follow up Supposedly you are no longer eligible but no harm trying I guess? Because I found that I lost my letrer.

application letter for ptptn exemption

Unsecured Loan Fast and Simple Loan? Anonymous 21 January at Please confirm with the PTPTN officer in your nearest branch because every branch might has different processing method. Is there any way ptptn can change my loan to schlrship or atleast gving me some discounts?? If you are look for a trustful and reliable loan leader.

There are still plenty of scholarships still open for you to pfptn. Retry now Want to change your mobile number? Contact me at meen yahoo. I’ve been hearing some people saying that there will be appliction more exemptions for first class degree holders. Prepare a big envelope, put everything inside:.

Then ask your friend to pos laju these verified documents for ptptm and you might start to apply for exemption! Thank for the reply isroxck!

How to Qualify for a PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

This application is not complicated at all, and I wish whoever apply for this exemption can successful! Anonymous 18 April at I did passed applcation my documents verified by my academic unit directly to the HQ in KL nearby Twin tower. PTPTN will send a letter to your home once you successfully apply for the exemption.


application letter for ptptn exemption

You can also choose to post the documents to PTPTN HQ because certain PTPTN office might not that efficient they want to collect all application documents and post them together and this process maybe last for more than 2 or 3 months.

I failed a 1 credit hour university subject before. Submit it directly to PTPTN office and make sure that you receive a confirmation letter stating that your application is being processed. Hi can i still apply for the exemption if I over 1 year of convocation?

And yesterday they gave lette first warning letter to ask me to pay Rm3k plus as outstanding payment which have to be settled in 30 days Hello world, it’s been long time I never blogging and now I’ve decided to come back here to do some useful sharing! I Invested in a Private Retirement Scheme.

Fxemption loan could be converted if you get first class I supposed, but need to wait for the accreditation by MQA.

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