Explain why these two different variables can have the same identifier. You have got to be realistic about how you are going to solve this problem. If I was tasked with making a stock control system I could use the following things with a lot more detail! WriteLine ” enter the word you would like to play OR” ; Console. Hopefully by now you have some idea of your user and what they want you to do, we need to codify write it down it all so we can start getting some marks. If the object can be moved then the result of moving the object will be displayed on the screen. PrintHelp Instruction For the PrintHelp routine, you can either use a dictionary or an array, in my opinion the dictionary is more pythonic.

Specification link What the specification says you must learn for each chapter. A user-defined subroutine that has only one parameter Explain what happens to the other items in the tile queue when one item is removed. Ends the game, quitting the program. What is the difference between a procedure and a function? Ants import json def serialise obj: For each of them you need to mention positive and negative things and then argue out your chosen solution.

SaveHighscore input “Please enter your name: While the expected numbers are two digits long it is conceivable that the software may be extended to be used for older students wikibookss day and so the length should be set to cover this contingency. If this is the case, it returns true. Finally been used. You should also mention for each user the skills they possess.


Write “ID eg For example, use barrel would trigger the program to prompt for an item to be put into the barrel. Case “quit” ‘ Console.

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Allows the player to use an object that is in their location or their inventory. Provides the player with a more detailed description of an object or character in the same location as they are or an object in their inventory.

aqa computing coursework wikibooks

If they use Microsoft Office then an interface similar to that software suite would be suitable. AddCharacter ref charactersref places ; break ; Then wikibookd the new procedure: This sounds very complex with the graphical representation and AI element, but again, who is your user? Start ‘ starting stopwatch ‘ Make sure that all information on users, current system problems, proposed system features etc.

A-level Computing/AQA/Paper 1/Skeleton program/2018

Users aren’t necessarily going to find you so if you are a member of a local sports club, church, drama society etc. Get these numbered objectives signed off by your client and put evidence in your writeup.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What is the difference between a value parameter and a reference parameter? The torch can only be turned on ‘used’ coirsework it is powered. Outline how the workings of the tile queue could be improved to avoid this.


A-level Computing/AQA

Ask your teachers, maybe they still need to write reports manually, maybe they would want a revision tool for their subject, maybe they would like web based system to book out rooms, maybe they want a program writing that could simulate projectile motion to demonstrate something in class. At start of game the character is carrying an apple.

This is going to be how you are going to solve this problem! The general shop floor staff should only be able to sell items and print out receipts. It doesn’t have to be incredibly complicated, but you need a degree of complexity in order to write a good report. Loops if any of the above numbers are entered, breaks out of the loop if a valid wlkibooks is entered print print “Either: Fundamentals of data representation 6.

aqa computing coursework wikibooks

CurrentLocation and Characters [ count ]. If it is the player two if Cpmputing CurrentLocation print “You have droppped: However, since I have altered the sorting algorithm in the CheckWord is Valid Function to a binary search, the words in the AllowedWords list must be in alphabetical order.

Compare TimerDateTime. From the choices that you suggested pick the best one and explain why. WriteLine “Please enter a valid option.

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