Following the description of the above customer categories is a discussion of the behaviour of plumbers, which is essential to understand the true nature of the market. The plumbers in turn are influenced by the property developers. The Quartz was awarded the top prize at the Bathroom Expo and received great reviews from all reporters, who were enthusiastic about the ‘cleverness’ of the product and ‘elegant design’. As mentioned earlier, the consumers’ knowledge of showers is very limited. He is re-evaluating their existing strategy regarding the overall positioning of the product, distribution channels and effectively pricing and promoting Quartz.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. As we can see, plumbers play a big mediator role in the distribution channel and reaching the end consumers. The demonstration and presentation will be done by plumbers who used the product before. Principles and Practices of Marketing. As for now, Aqualisa should not focus its resources on the trade shops and plumbers. Following is a brief discussion of Aqualisa’s 4Ps with an emphasis on their new product Quartz. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

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aqualisa quartz case study ppt

Once the plumbers have been influenced and there are many ‘converts’, Aqualisa pptt make Quartz available in the trade shops since they tend to carry the products that are in demand.

Based on the analysis, recommendations have been provided that will help Aqualisa in developing an effective marketing strategy. Although they are not the end consumer, their role will be significant for Aqualisa when creating an effective marketing strategy.

For this reason, Aqualisa will give a free product to those of consumers. However, sales have not picked up since the four months of its launch. Hence, ease of installation is very important to them.


Also, they do not rely on the individual plumbers while making purchase decisions. Quartz is an improvement over Aqualisa’s existing product range. Masfiqur Rahman Surovi Alam Group 6. The product described by one of the customers a plumber is a ‘push-fit-connect-you’re done’ shower and offers the customers aqualixa they the plumbers want’.

Click here to sign up. Quartz provides high flexibility of installation – the use of remote processor to control the thermostatic mixer valve has overcome the need to zqualisa since it can be conveniently placed anywhere close to the shower where there is access to water pipes and has tremendously reduced installation times and costs.

aqualisa quartz case study ppt

This will also help build brand awareness, so the company can also target those types of consumers which will eventually lead more and more word of mouth. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Shower market is consists of customers who are quite uninformed about the showers and do understand the product options. Secondly, Aqualisa can look at market penetration for its Aquavalve brand and develop market in other regions or geographical locations. Their channel relationships are aaualisa and positioning has helped them achieve a good brand name in the market.

As we can see, plumbers play a big mediator role in the distribution channel and reaching the end consumers.

Aqualisa Quartz Simply a Better Shower Strategic Marketing Case 2 – ppt video online download

The consumers’ decisions are largely influenced by the plumber – either the plumber selects the shower or advices them on the type not the brand. They do not require showers that have premium valves because the new homes are built with high-pressure systems. Secondly, Rawlinson feels that Aqualisa’s existing products face the threat of cannibalization, especially their cash cow – the Aquavalve.


aqualisa quartz case study ppt

Technological advancement in the last 20 years has been tremendous and although customers are wary of innovations, it is not impossible to sell a technologically adept product to them. Aqualisa’s sales team targeted ‘their group’ of plumbers by introducing them to the product. Once a product goes into DIY, it is almost impossible to back out. Despite of its features such as quality, safety, cost of installation and ease of installation and usage, the early sales have been disappointing.

This report analyzes Aqualisa’s existing strategy, beginning with market segmentation and customer behaviour leading to the 4Ps Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Quartz has been made available through all of Aqualisa’s distribution outlets, but in varying degrees. Products offered by Aqualisa for this category are: K Shower Market U. Hence, they would familiarize themselves with a product brand. They have only been able to sell 15 units a day – compared to an estimated requirement of units a day to break through to the mainstream.

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Aqualisa Quartz Simply a Better Shower Strategic Marketing Case 2

However, it can be assumed that Rawlinson has not fully exploited this channel, because he mentions that they are careful of introducing any product in Asualisa stores. Product and Brand Management.

Secondly, showrooms also offer installation services by subcontracting with contractors or independent plumbers. Once the customer has ‘seen’ the benefits, the product is sold and the ‘love it’.

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