Mrs Brown , Nov 27, One of the most common reasons for a Aqualisa Quartz shower unit to suddenly stop working is an air lock in the system. Note the two notches on the plastic assembly that indicate which way around the valves go. Take the mixer valve assembly to somewhere you can work on it. It sounds like the seals have gone in your shower. Remove the fixings that hold the shower to the wall and carefully lower the shower down from the ceiling.

Can’t find your shower parts? Let us help you out. The standard processor unit is designed to take a minimum of 1bar pressure on high pressure water systems. Use paper towel to clean the O-ring and the junction of the pump and valve assembly of any old grease and water. Installed supplies to a few but never had to fault find on one. Indicated by two arrows at top center and bottom right of the image above. I have to admit I was totally sceptical about this fix but it worked first time.

Also, the Quartz single outlet model has a boost feature whereas the Visage single outlet does not have a boost feature.

aqualisa shower problem solving

On the RARE occasion that I have had to call an Aqualisa engineer to look at a problem, they have always been very reliable sohwer sorted the problem straight away. View all Premier Collection Infinia. A customer has an aqualisa shower which has recently stopped working. Keen to try this fix to hopefully save having to replace shower.

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If the processor unit is purchased on its own as a spare part then this will come with a 2yr guarantee. Aqualisa products are very low maintenance and there is very little for you to do to keep them in good working order. As this is a technical job dolving usually recommend an Aqualisa service engineer carries out this work. Skip to main content Menu Menu. Connecting a pumped processor unit to a high pressure water system will cause a fault with the unit and invalidate showe warranty that is on the unit.


Yes, my password is: View all Installation type Concealed.

aqualisa shower problem solving

Shower is 8 years old and never had a single problem before Electricity supply contractor changed something in the meter cupboard last week, which meant electric off for about 10 mins. Next person gets in hours later and presses the button and nothing!

Let us help you out

Remove the two screws securing the mixer valve assembly. If you find you have recurring air locks you may need to consult a plumber, problme if the air will not clear and the flow continues to splutter then you may be experiencing cavitation, draw down or possibly an air leak. Dave OCDMay 9, To avoid rapid scale build up, we advise that after use you tilt the shower head at an angle, which will allow any excess water to drain away.

For the only decent response snezza31 thank you the control unit has blue flashing lights when it powers up. Tried turning off for 30 secs as mentioned but no luck. Could this be a filter issue or does it sound like we have yet another dud unit?


aqualisa shower problem solving

Can also reduce the maximum temperature on the processor unit by isolating the power to the shower, removing the lid on the processor unit and changing the maximum temperature control setting.

Next time there is any power disturbance I know what will happen. A new unit was fitted. If you think you zqualisa experiencing this, please contact your plumber. We advise to allow working days for delivery. You need to find the control box pictures above then kill the power to it.

After a few visits the fitter from Aqualisa told me that they had had a faulty batch of showers a year or so ago and ours was one of those. Any way to cut the power to the unit will work. They do not appreciate losing power while they are in use. R GMay 8, My Aqualisa shower has a habit of dripping after a few years of aquapisa. PS I presume that the statement about the cream of the cream being Italian was a rather lame attempt at humour, chuckle, chuckle not.

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