You also get access to a free personal MyLCN account. This disparity in rules for persons that frequently had assets in multiple jurisdictions led to an attempt to recognise as many jurisdictions as valid whenever possible. Key law career deadlines. This essay question concentrates on Copyright only. However, judicial intervention can sometimes be required where there is dispute which cannot otherwise be resolved. With the BPP GDL, you’re given access to an unrivalled range of additional modules, designed to get you ahead and give you the edge in interviews.

Instead you will be assessed on your methodology of approaching the question and reaching an answer. Reference here should be made to how the rules have been interpreted by the courts. If you are just starting out in your legal career, or are simply finding out more about becoming a solicitor, you have probably heard a Recorded lectures are also available online. For the avoidance of doubt, the reference to the Court of Justice of the European Union in the question extends to cases decided prior to the Lisbon Treaty of when the court was called the European Court of Justice. If you continue on this website, you will be providing your consent to our use of cookies.

You will learn the academic knowledge, but as importantly you will learn how eesearch applied in practice, with a logical approach, presenting your arguments persuasively and in a structured manner.

Main Body The main arguments outlined in the introduction should be developed. Guidance Notes Introduction Students should set out the scope of the essay and deconstruct the question. Introduction Essay Question Critically evaluate the law relating to acquisition of an estate in land by adverse possession.

bpp gdl independent research essay

Main Body Students should incorporate the following points. Get the LCN Weekly newsletter Get our news, features, recruiter and lawyer interviews, burning questions, blog posts and more sent straight to your inbox with our weekly newsletter. Are the rules the same for consumer and non-consumer insurance contracts, and why? Assessment is usually via unseen, written examinations, although there is a coursework element the IRE, as described above and certain modules are assessed through online multiple choice tests.


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This is, therefore, very much an independent project. The main body of your essay should make a coherent and reasoned argument which seeks to establish whether or not, in your opinion, the contentions withstand close interrogation. You can start in January or September. There has been plenty of case law about Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention from various courts around the world, particularly from the American courts.

Employers feel that they gdk burdened by red tape to an extent that they ibdependent afraid to hire or fire staff, even if they are underperforming. It is asserted by the government that it is a key part of reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible, to protect the environment and to promote sustainable growth.

Gl get the most form LawCareers.

bpp gdl independent research essay

Modules You will study an introduction to the English legal system followed indpendent the seven foundation modules, through a one-hour tutorial and a one-hour lecture per week — plus regular consolidation in each module. You also get access to a free personal MyLCN account. What happens after the GDL? You are not required to notify the Law School of your selection: There should be detailed reference to the law.

Finally, this is currently a particularly lively area of law. You should also comment on any relevant developments in this area, for example any recent statutory reform. Employment Law Introduction to the topic Employers can fairly dismiss employees for several reasons including poor performance. Public International Law – Syllabus. Please note that we ask you to provide a password so that you can access MyLCN and edit your subscriber details, including email preferences.


As such, it finds protection in numerous national and supranational legal provisions. Critically discuss rssearch extent to which the law permits medically- assisted or medically- supervised deaths?

Law: Essays, dissertations and legal research guidance

Fortunately, BPP hosts online tutorials for distance students and records consolidation sessions that full-time campus students can enjoy in case they miss out. The conclusion should be relatively short and concise. A changing legal profession. Individuals and private bodies through, inter alia, common law tort claims and also states by statutory prohibitions or restrictions upon content all seek to mobilise the law to restrict this right from time to time.

The teaching may involve discussion of different problem questions, unseen questions and other material. Conclusion The conclusion should draw together the themes explored and the arguments set down in the piece, leading to a final statement on the question. Each module is taught by a one-hour tutorial per week. This module introduces you to the law of obligations in the private sphere. Secondly, it is arguably the most lucrative field of practice, particularly given the national obsession with the property market.

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