At MPH between the two it would take 48 minutes. Okay, what numbers do you have for the number of route-miles of railroad in CA and the cost per mile of electrification? I for one voted for this alignment on voting day but now we are told it is to veer off of the alignment into farmland and housing in the Madera area which will impact my home now. Spend our tax dollars on a dam, not a damn train!!! We hope the Authority will also post it on their own website.

His is committed body and soul, heart and mind, to The Palmdale Crusade. But as construction creeps forward through prime farmland and quiet agricultural communities yes, land is already being torn up , cost overruns — or a fiscally responsible new Governor — may stop the project before the courts do. Retrieved July 30, The blend is not going to be upgraded to the degree of any significant time savings. Here is the spreadsheet we used for our calculations for those who like to play around with these types of things.

Here is the spreadsheet we used for our calculations for those who like to play around with these types of things.

cahsr 2014 business plan

According to a fact sheet on the Authority website [80] the environmental benefits of the system include:. I expect by the time HSR is in place, the station and continued demand for housing and south county growth will attract better commuter service from either Caltrain or Amtrak.

No wonder everybody outside of the Beltway hates them. They need all of the funding in place for a usable segment.


2014 Business Plan

In addition to many other requirements: Increased storage is the only way Califonia will survive and prosper. Intuitively to this rank amateur this immediately suggests Tejon buiness are really dictated by need and are more problem-solving, not incidental nor cosmetic.

In Maythe Los Angeles Times published an article by critics on the estimated operational revenue of the system in “Doing the math on California’s bullet train fares”. California High Speed Rail Blog. Retrieved August 2, Time to listen to the people of California Gov. The bus from Bakersfield to Los Angeles is scheduled for 2: With them it is all about the money.

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The State is trying to make a mountain out of this molehill just so they can bully the courts into approving the HSR funds by implying great pain for all bond funds. Though that may have nothing to do with the discrepancy.

cahsr 2014 business plan

If you were being sarcastic and I missed it I 201. Retrieved January 21, California needs water not a damn train! In Aprilthe CHSRA announced it had received five responses to its request for qualifications for the contract to assist with plxn development and management of the initial phase of the high speed line and be the initial operator. The Federal Railroad Administration has granted a waiver for just two prototypes to be manufactured off-shore before the remaining trainsets initially 15 to 20 trains would need to be built according to the rules.

The gradients are in my charts along with all tunnels and bridges etc. Very simply water is more important and at this rate probably anything will be cheaper for the taxpayers than high speed rail. These are available for the first time to the public and supercede those in the publicly available documentation. Remember this is not going to be a private concession — the unions will simply not put up with that. August Cambridge Systematics releases final forecast report ; forecast is 70 million interregional passengers via Pacheco, 65 million via Altamont.


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I guess I have been around too along places where the political machine has crowded out everything else, perhaps even to an extent the good ol boy establishment that historically ran the State. Businses valley needs water storage solutions. Home About us Publications: It is hard wired into the law adirondacker Reply: Part of rail transport.

Their calculations show that only one of those high-speed rail routes would have total travel time and total travel cost that are less than flying or driving: Build water storage instead!!!

They business note safety concerns in running at top speed through highly populated urban areas such as Fresno. Page 60 The quantified economic benefit of a HSR system.

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