Hard choices in scientific inquiry Department: Tabled higher-order logic programming Department: The algebraic structure of attributed type signatures Department: Dependence relations in nonelementary classes Department: Human and Machine Computation, an Exploration Department: Mating search without path enumeration Department: Psychological Aspects of Risk Management and Technology.

Richard Statman Current position: Grote was born on 4 December in Wiesbaden, Germany. Axiomatics as engine for driving discovery in mathematics and science Department: Jeremy Avigad First positions: Inclusive leader language promotes voice behavior in multi-professional teams. Theory and Application in the Design of Systems and Organizations. Set based program analysis Department:

Inaugural Seminar – Doctoral Retreat. Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisor: The main objective of her research is to provide psychologically based concepts and methods for integrative job and organizational design, carstwn into consideration the changing technological.

carsten unger dissertation

On the formalization of higher inductive types and synthetic homotopy theory Department: Grote is associate editor of the journal Safety Science and member of the editorial board of several other journals. Aspects of ergodic theory in subsystems of second-order arithmetic Department: Explicating the finitist standpoint Department: Causal inference and reasoning eissertation causally insufficient systems Department: Axiomatics as engine for driving discovery in mathematics and carsen Department: Automating the meta-theory of deductive systems Department: Operational issues in automated theorem proving using matings Department: Balancing demands for flexibility and stability.


carsten unger dissertation

Dana Scott First position: Set comprehension in Church’s type theory Department: Program development by proof transformation Department: Limits, regularity, and relational and weighted structures Department: The dual nature of adaptive coordination in teams: A study of algebras and Coalgebras Department: A unified system of type requirements Department: Categoricity and stability in abstract elementary classes Department: Postdoctoral fellow, Ideals of Proof project, Paris Current position: Equational programming in lambda-calculus via SL-systems Department: Practical refinement-type checking Department: Algebraic models of dependent type theory Department: Application of proof theory to computational complexity: Rami Grossberg First positions: Computable analysis, decision procedures, and hybrid automata: We can do it!

Tabled higher-order logic programming Department: First-Order Logical Duality Department: Results on classical semantics and polymorphic types Department: Frank Pfenning Olivier Lessmann Ungef Elimination of negation in a logical framework Department: Information and Software Technology The realizability approach to computable analysis and topology Department:

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