During the peak of this boom period up to whale sharks and manta rays were being caught every year. The Malaysian part of Borneo is separated with the Indonesian part by a mountain range. Domestic and local markets were essential to develop the tour and the skills of the community. Even the development workers were caught off guard by the huge increase in fish stocks in the area and the subsequent demand for it as a dive site. The project implementers have also developed better links with the local government unit. Film makers and researchers also frequently visit Pamilcan and make use of the services of the community.

Coastal and marine-based tourism is now one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in the Asia Pacific region. The community had spent many voluntary hours guarding the area, arresting illegal fishers and fining them but received no benefit from the divers. Access issues were not really considered in the initial phase of the Cambuhat project. This also ensures that expectations for the ecotourism component are not so high. Quite often private sector participation is limited in the initial phases, although this is changing. After every tour the visitors and community sat down and discussed the tour. No fishing was allowed within the sanctuary but villagers were allowed to fish in the waters surrounding the sanctuary.

HOW TO PASS EXAMS: Geography GCSE: Ecotourism Case Study (Sarawak)

A series of ecotourism seminars were held in order to prepare the island ecotouris for whale watching and raise awareness of the possible economic opportunities bought about by the presence of the whales and dolphins. It also ensured that the community could always rely on other activities when tourism ecotourisk slow. The community also developed their own ecotourism enterprise development and management plan, which laid down the legal framework for the management of the area, development of sustainable products and services, and user guidelines.


Project implementers should, however, gradually reduce their role atudy the project develops and the community and local government takes complete control. The main objective of the project was to integrate community based natural resource management into the wider development of the community.

Conservation and livelihood aspects e.

Broad lessons learned from the three case studies are described and recommendations are made on how to strengthen ecotourism development as a strategy for community-based coastal resource management. In tourist perception, conservation measures are needed to protect the environment in Cameron Highlands Boon, This is also linked to the Borneo World Music Expo.

This was integrated with a five-year coastal management plan for the whole of the town and is currently being implemented by the local Government and villages of Buenavista.

Signboards were placed around the sanctuary in English and letters were sent to the dive shop owners in Cebu but again this seemed to have little impact. The rainforests attract adventurers from all over the world especially since Sarawak is renowned for its Ecotourism. It focuses on case studies of tourism products operating in three different coastal ecosystems: Another constraint was that the project actually focused more on scientific research and conservation than actual community development.

Lessons from Cambuhat, Buenavista, Bohol. Likewise a number of studies have examined the potential for ecotourism to encourage environmentally sound development Barkin, ; Brown et al.

Agrandir Original jpeg, malaydia. Local politicians believed that the project could cause harm to the short-term livelihood of their electorate. This rapid growth can have a significant impact on existing community-based work. The local government officials in Loon were also fully involved in the project.

HOW TO PASS EXAMS: Geography GCSE: Ecotourism Case Study (Sarawak)

Cabilaobut as projects evolve ecotourism may be able to come in later in the project life mmalaysia, as other activities become successful and community awareness and skills develop. The deep waters around the island offer rich fishing grounds to local residents.


Cebu effectively serves as an international jumping off point for Bohol. This led to a rapid growth in the number of community based initiatives in coastal management and protection.


The third case study focuses on a community-run river cruise in the village of Cambuhat, Buenavista. The community at Cambuhat have developed an interesting coastal tourism product that highlights the estuarine environment in which they live.

Cebu-based dive operators operating out of Mactan Island can reach Cabilao in about an hour.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

However, it set in motion a series of events that were to cause major social and economic problems in Pamilacan and put WWF in the spotlight. The local government unit was not prepared to dispatch police officers to arrest divers as they felt it would cause too many embarrassing situations. This also ensures that expectations for the ecotourism component are not so high. Since then a steady flow of visitors have come and visited the area. They learn how the oysters are cultured and how the community now manages the river and mangroves.

This case study examines the changes ecotoirism the last five years since a nationwide ban on whale hunting. On the first day that they laid their baited hooks along the deeper portion of the reef.

Although tourist arrivals are still relatively small, Bohol is determined to get itself on the national tourism map.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

The local community had heard of the sharks but never really believed there were that many. Cabilao is also home to a very strong and vocal group of fisher folks, the Cabacongan Small Fishers Association.

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