Function print calls base-class function print line 52 to display the Employee -specific information i. First case SRS is used to define the needs and expectations of the user. Net to make the final HTML. Each airport serves one or more cities. If necessary, these documents may have to be revised or new documents may have to be introduced.

This is a nice example of code reuse. We can view all the employees with their respective salaries issued to them in the respective month. Progressively larger groups of tested software components corresponding to elements of the architectural design are integrated and tested until the software works as a system 4. Function print of class SalariedEmployee lines of Fig. Finally, the program polymorphically determines and outputs the type of each object in the Employee array.

case study for payroll system in ooad

And can issue them to the employee we want to and can fix it to them. The JDK can create a display graphical application, but the JDK itself has a somewhat primitive command-line interface. This pen and paper based system is much time consuming and there is a syste, chance to make mistake as there are very good number of employees in this organization and keeping patience is a tough job to manipulate so many things.

So such a system is time consuming, prone to errors of entry and analysis resulting from the fatigue of the users. Learning how to use Microsoft Access and some programming is just a matter of applying your already tremendous knowledge on information storage and retrieval.

Object Oriented Modeling and Design – ppt download

Thus when a new application is proposed it normally goes through a feasibility study before it ij approved for development. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.


case study for payroll system in ooad

Help Center Find new research papers in: Next add the phrase implements ActionListener to the class header. A derived class can inherit interface or implementation from a base class.

The team mapped do homework picture current process steps:.

Relationship descriptions and the multiplicity constraints are recorded in the data dictionary. This is a graphic representation of the entire project related activities necessary to produce successful project. Java uses event listeners to monitor activity on specified objects and react to specific conditions. Unauthorized persons however, easily accessed the paper system and hence making it impossible to keep secrecy and confidentiality.

Employee Payroll System ( Use Case Diagram (UML))

In an object-oriented environment, this is usually at the class level, and the minimal unit tests include paroll constructors and destructors. The software is released to groups of people so that further testing can ensure the product has few faults or bugs. The major output of the production process is the project schedule. There were 65 in the first run. Were the formats not present already?

Search and find thousands of blogs ranked by traffic and readers. An object can be cast only to its own type or to payyroll type of one of its superclasses.

The system, which was manual that is based fog paper based to calculate salary and other information of employees, keep records of these data and analyze results had weakness that needed IT based solutions. Using this application management can print the salary slip one by one or print all of the slips with only one click of mouse. In this, there are two aspects: Lines 9—18 create objects of each of the four concrete Employee subclasses. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages.



Case study for payroll system in ooad – payroll system in ooad lab pdf

Declaring this function as pure virtual indicates that each concrete derived class must provide an appropriate earnings implementation and that a program can use base-class Employee pointers to invoke function earnings polymorphically for any type of Employee.

Payrkll call to virtualViaPointer uses baseClassPtr to invoke virtual functions print line 85 and earnings line This is vital because some program steps t need to be made together as one atomic group. If the Java code is acceptable to the compiler, the. Technical feasibility is frequently the most difficult area to ensure this stage.

Figure 10 shows a normal order scenario. Layroll such a system, another challenge to management was quick generation of reports pertaining to the big number of employee base.

case study for payroll system in ooad

Also note that obtaining the earnings of each Employee polymorphically in line 86 produces the same results as obtaining these employees’ earnings via static binding in lines 44, 46, 48 and Implementation details are supposed to be mostly or totally depending on the particular method ignored at this phase. Java Application Source Code Java source code can be written with simple text editor.

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