Our solution to this is to keep the temporary staff as far in the background as we possibly can and make sure that our skilled, well-trained staff are the ones who usually interact with the customer. Therefore, operations should devote all their time to understanding the requirements of the market as defined by the Chapter 2 The strategic role and objectives of operations marketing function within the organization and devote themselves to their main job of ensuring that operations processes can actually deliver what the market requires. Speed means fast response to requirements of external customers or new conditions, speedy decision making and speedy movement of materials and information inside the operation. The elapsed time your customers. Posted by The Red Writter at 2: Without an appreciation of its role within the business, the people who manage the operation can never be sure that they really are contributing to the long-term success of the business. For example Paris Miki, an up-market eyewear retailer which has the largest number of eyewear stores in the world, uses its own ‘Mikissimes Design System’ to capture a digital image of the customer and analyze facial characteristics.

In business, coordination is necessary because all business have goals. Good service means that guest s return again and again. Secondly, Total quality management, which is concerned with the continuous improvement of all aspects of operations performance, can also be adopted to continually meet and exceed unanticipating expectations of customers. Our quality of service just has to be impeccable. What role should the operations function play in achieving strategic success?

Quality increases dependability Good quality leads to stable and efficient processes that less mistake, easy for ordination for matching the standard of processes, dependable and advanced equipments and tools to use adds dependability for internal customers.

This can help employees to get new knowledge, skills and abilities. If we have any problems with managing this operation, the customer sees them immediately and that’s the biggest incentive for us to take operations performance seriously. Editors can even type news reports directly onto the Autocue for the presenter to read as they are typed nerve-racking, but it keeps the programme on time.


Our solution to this is to keep the temporary staff as far in the background as we possibly can and make sure that our skilled, well-trained pdnang are the ones who usually interact with the customer. Consider the automobile plant again.

Penang mutiara

External neutrality The first step of breaking out of stage 1 is for the operations function to begin comparing itself with similar objecties or organizations in the outside market being ‘externally neutral’. Customers can be the cheapest and effective way to generate business. We cope with this by keeping a close watch on how demand for room service is building up. Sut news perishes fast.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

We can charge higher margins but when they place an order they want us to move from receiving their designs to delivering the packaging as quickly as possible. Dependability means doing things in time for customers to receive their goods or services exactly when they are needed, or at least when they were promised. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Managers play the significant role in the development of subordinates as it has positive effect on the organization achievements.

Report of Penang Mutiara resort. External customers can gain a dependability advantage should operations staff are able to succeed this objective. Dispelling some serious troubles or problem always needs more staffs or more time to do it, thus, it results in the labor cost added, such as part-time salary, overtime compensation.

Learning More Fun: Case Study: Penang Mutiara

Communication improvement will be the second key responsibilities. Dependability – must be particularly important for the NC service otherwise newspapers would be left out, causing litter in the streets, also important for the GR service though perhaps marginally less so because speed dominates. As part of its long term strategy, Wernie can adopt performance management to achieve long term, strategic cost reduction.

Drinks, food, entertainment have to be available exactly as planned. For example, rooms must be ready on time and accounts must be ready for presentation when a guest departs.


case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

It effectively arranging the facilities, information, material, workforce, money and time to ensure all of them can be available at any time, saves the time to wait or to look for the other substitutes. For example, even though the company already offered the fastest transit times by road in Europe, investment in new facilities and processes was needed at the European Express hub in Liege, Belgium and the European road caes in Arnhem in the Netherlands.

Cost Part One Introduction 8.

Clear link strategy and operations practice. If instead of six weeks they operatione only one week to move through the plant, the door panels being processed through their first stage are intended to meet demand only one week ahead.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

However, 2 per cent of all claims are incorrectly processed. This means that its total output is now patients per week. Help Center Find new research papers in: Participation by all levels of staff should be encourage to provide feedback and operationz to improvise operations and services since they are the people who have stufy most contact and are in direct contact with the customers. Internally, cost performance is helped by good performance in the other performance objectives.

So in the end penant come full circle: First, what part is it expected to play within the business – that is, its role in the business? Any deviation from the plan will very soon be noticed by customers. What are the performance objectives of operations and what are the internal and external benefits which derive from excelling in each of them? Speed objective which means doing things right, can benefit external customers by giving them a speed advantage to receive the services in the shortest possible time with minimum delay.

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