An agreement between the teen tutor, the school, and the library is signed by all three parties. Because they can, as nonprofit entities, apply for grants and other funding opportunities not usually made available to government agencies, library foundations are extremely helpful in generating funds for after-school homework programs. Fyan Award to survey homework-assistance programs in public libraries across the country. Libraries’ Castroville branch after-school program. At another, the homework assistant decided to become an education major as a direct result of working with kids everyday. Gathered in appendixes at the back of the book are sample assessment tools, homework-center goals and objectives, volunteer-recruitment materials and applications, homework-helper contracts, job descriptions, grant applications, registration forms, and more. Local area demographics and descriptions of existing youth services are basic bits of information available at most public 7 Needs Assessment libraries.

Supplying forgetful or low-income students with even the most basic items, like pencils and paper, may go a long way toward helping them complete their homework. Librarians may also choose to avoid all promises of tutorial help, because in many states such service often denotes licensed educational support. Tell us how you approached it. Headphones are also made available to help alleviate the sounds generated by various software. In many cases, this process includes an application form and interview and may even include an examination to test for English comprehension and math skills. A week later, they are taught how to use the Internet and how to conduct a reference interview. With your San Antonio Public Library card, you have free access to online tutoring in real time.

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Others, on the other hand, require that a parent be present in the library while the child is receiving homework help. The snack bar, which provides cookies, candies, fruit, and various beverages, is run and staffed by the Teen Advisory Board.


castroville library homework center

When do kids have access to the library? Textbooks are also made available. As a tutor, you will: The youth-services librarians arrange for the facility and advertise the service, but a team of unpaid college students actually provides the after-school homework assistance.

Vice President Al Gore Jr. Come to Teen Time for crafts, snacks, games, or just hang out.

castroville library homework center

The Library will provide software that includes geography, math, social studies, language, reading and learning skills that supplement educational activities. At the Venice Beach branch of the Los Angeles 15 Staff and Volunteer Recruitment Public Library, homework-center staff are responsible for homeworrk computer hardware, monitoring equipment use, responding to troubleshooting questions, and providing one-onone as well as group training. Tango Charlie Movie Mp4 Download.

Soledad also claims the largest free public library in the county. Assessing Community Need Unfortunately, many homework-assistance hours seem more driven by library resources than by community need. Stories of immigrant teens learning English thanks to the patience and perseverance of homework tutors at the Minneapolis Public Library go a long way toward illustrating the quality of that program. Not only do these statistics indicate whether specific groups are being reached, but they may also help in targeting publicity campaigns.

Separate Spaces To control the problem of excitable youth disrupting other patrons after school, several homework programs are held in library meeting rooms located away from the public. The Friendly Stop, as an outreach effort, was housed in a community center located in the heart of casgroville Latino barrio in Orange, California.

Creating the Full-Service Homework Center in Your Library

Previous experience working with youth, cener in a paid or voluntary capacity, is also highly desirable. Because volunteer library work often meets curriculum service requisites, recruiting older students as homework helpers benefits both the library and the volunteers. The homework helpers provide hope and encouragement in a neighborhood where few positive role models exist. A week later, they are taught how to use the Internet and how to conduct a reference interview.


To help students succeed, casttroville library started offering afterschool homework assistance specifically for teens.

We look for tutors who have strong math and communication skills as well as good attendance and punctuality. Currently some fourteen children a day receive help with their school assignments, while their parents learn to read in another part of the library. For instance, at a now-defunct program in San Leandro, California, students were allowed to sign up for homework assistance on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, but not all four days.

Separate homework areas may be designated but should always be visible enough to easily monitor activities. Developing a Theme A theme is necessary to capture the uniqueness of the homework center.

Generally, these contracts spell out a mutual working agreement and direct the volunteers to immediately notify library staff in case of absence. In Orange, California, a welcoming hand adorned all Friendly Stop publicity.

According to a study by the American Library Association, 9 percent of all public library homework-assistance programs are held in schools or other community-based organizations. Located on a second-floor mezzanine of the central library, the Student Express was created specifically to meet the curricular needs of adolescents.

All are motivated by a desire to work with kids. In addition, off-site programs tend to lack a library context.

castroville library homework center

Training Before paid and volunteer staff can implement the tasks outlined in a job description, they need to be trained. Weekly activities vary and it’ […].

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