O Tinn Vidar Olufsen. Please comment on my CV. Things are looking up! Trying to get better role after lay offs etc. This is how elite firms retain their elite status, not by shunning out the best.

I am going back for more education. Use good quality examples or use services that will do it for you. It is excellently written and lists your talents and responsibilities clearly. Change your resume color to a green back ground. With cashed up corporate balance sheets and strong earnings growth, employment levels continue to improve across America. Ignore nancy as she is probably old and stuck in some low level job where she will unhappily retire from. Any help would be much appreciated.

Dont waste anymore of your time replying to these idiots.

Which gave me great computer skills in most adobe programs, a creative mind, and great social networking skills. In between my college study I developed interest in graphic clmment while studying a graphic course. The dossier was designed to spark attention and curiosity – but most importantly it had to trigger a smile on the receiving end.

This however, is no excuse for filler information.

Self Promotion: Résumé & Job Application

Why even open the door to that when clearly your job performance is most relevant once you are established in a career. I hate updating resumes, but I do know you need to always be prepared. BTW, where is your About page on your site so you can have some more personalization? People need to remember that every company and every HR professional has an opinion and it is up to the individual to take the advice but, not treat curricuoum as gospel.


I guess it depends a lot on the country — in Finland putting a GPA in a resume would seem very ridiculous, unless you are applying for a doctorate position someone. Everybody should remember this. Like blogging, content is king! I have had commdnt challenges updating my resume. For any position above entry level curiculum two page resume is standard and expected.

Examples Of Good Resumes That Get Jobs

As of now I commentt put any awards and honors under my education field. I hope you can help me. Change your resume color to a green back ground. Should all be listed or be selective? Trying to get better role after lay offs etc. A one pager highlighting recent experience and projects or a two pager that shows the same, but also drills into more details?

I would use the 10 page resume as fire starter paper.

You may even be able to work into a payed position from volunteering. Just because someone is textbook or academia expert, that does not mean that the person is capable of thinking out of the box.

Here, the only people I know with CVs are professors, and their CVs are typically more than one page since they have to list out all of the papers they have written. Do I include both GPAs in a resume? Ignore nancy as she is probably old and stuck in some low level job where she will unhappily retire from.


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One thing I was told when in school was to play a bit of slight of hand with my gpa. I guess my question is more about the relevance of the GPA. I dont care if commennt can study and make good grades, that doesnt guarantee you to be a good employee. Make your resume count and maximize all of your opportunities before the economy turns sour! I even read somewhere that certain firms avoid taking recent graduates and students looking for internshio places if they have a too good GPA, since that usually tells the recruiters they are more theoretical than practical workers.

Any suggestions for a 61 year old looking for a call-center job?

comment sécrit curriculum vitae

I fitae from college about 12 years ago and bartended for the first 5 years right out of college. All these articles online speak as if reviewing a resume makes you into some kind of king and should anyone dare to not precisily meet your style, they are stupid or offensive.

While studying and wanting to work, will my education experience balance with the lucky work experience I have acquired on my resume till prensent?

comment sécrit curriculum vitae

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