Any learner successfully completing the Cycle of Learning has used a combination of competencies: One result is that teachers can more consistently and fairly evaluate and grade student work. Is my graph drawn neatly? When all competencies are working together, the Cycle of Learning turns. Content Knowledge The subject area content can come from already defined curriculums or can be enhanced by the adoption of a set of themes or topics by the department, grade-level team, school, or school system.

For this task, students will use the assessment lists for persuasive writing and for creating a graph. Your purpose is to persuade your audience, not to antagonize. Experiences with peer assessment often improve students’ self-assessing skills. Each group discusses the same question, event, or text, representing the assigned perspective. Ideas from the Field. The lines or bars are drawn accurately and very neatly. This outline summarizes some of the common features of projects, but each project is also unique.

What should they be listening for?

What is The Project Approach?

What is The Project Approach? Teachers discuss the topic with students to find out about their related experiences and pre-existing knowledge.

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Element Self Teacher 1. The title is missing or it tells little. Other process skills cut across subject plb lines or may be identified as areas of need based on standardized testing e.

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Axes are clearly labeled. These point values are determined by the teacher or could be decided by the class and the teacher together. The teacher indicates agreement or disagreement and talks with the child about his work and self-assessment. Time management, individual responsibility, honesty, persistence, and intrapersonal skills, such as appreciation of diversity and working cooperatively with others, are examples of work habits necessary for an individual to be successful in life.


As the student completes projects that engage the entire cycle, the student’s work improves and she feels more and more capable of being successful with this kind of work. Student self-assessment and teacher assessment are a part of the format of the elementary and primary assessment lists as well.

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Some elements receive more points because they are more important. Use of Space and Color T: A Fishbowl for Opposing Positions: The teacher determines the cntoh importance of each activity in determining an overall grade point average, just as teachers do with traditional assessments. Excellent graphs will be sent to the Chief of Police. Common Framework of Assessment Lists When teachers at a grade level, school, or school district use and adapt similar assessment lists for student work such as graphs, students encounter a common framework for learning from subject to subject, from grade to grade, and from school to school.

The scales for one or both axes need to be improved.

The observing students often stand around the fishbowl. All children come to school with a quest to understand their experiences; all children want to learn. Social and emotional skills are as important as academic skills and knowledge.

What is Performance-Based Learning and Assessment, and Why is it Important?

Key or Legend T: Many performance learning tasks will be only parts of the Cycle of Learning, while others will take the student through the entire cycle. Make a graph that shows how many caterpillars move to the light and how many move to the dark part of the box. The graph is easy to interpret. Write sesay persuasive letter to the editor of your local newspaper, supported by a graph, that describes your opinion on these questions.


There is a powerful concluding statement of the writer’s position. Cycle of Learning How would you feel about learning all the rules and skills of a sport, spending months sweating yourself into good physical condition, but never actually playing the game? The elementary format Exhibit 2 contob used for children in the upper elementary grades 3rd—5th. When the goal of teaching and learning is knowing and using, the performance-based classroom emerges.

The Project Approach fosters not only academic knowledge and skill sets esaay what many educators refer to as the whole child.

When teachers implement the Approach successfully, students feel highly motivated and actively involved in their own learning, leading them to produce high-quality work and to grow as individuals and collaborators. Projects typically do not constitute the whole educational program; instead, teachers use them alongside systematic instruction and as a means of achieving curricular goals.

Teaching Strategy: Fishbowl | Facing History

The graph needs a lot of work on the use of space and color. The space is not used too well and color or some other technique could be used better so that the graph is easier to read. An appropriate essxy or legend is part of the graph.

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