The approach also has an activist angle as it aims to counteract the law’s role in reproducing social inequality. This was, again, based on the premise that the law left women powerless unless they were empowered by the right to bring such lawsuits which, in a sense, it did, given that existing “quid pro quo” harassment suits only granted women protection from the actions and policies of their superiors and did not give them an easy legal avenue to fight discrimination on the part of their peers and coworkers. There can be no doubt that Docker and Kubernetes are fantastic tools, but the fact that they are new and becoming accepted as an industry standard does not necessarily mean you should adopt them. Archived from the original on January 6, They often discussed their vandalism of Conservapedia. The first incarnation of the RationalWiki was a invite-only site.

Martin Fowler clearly evangelises domain driven techniques on his blog and he sure knows his stuff, so choosing it for your project must be a no-brainer right? ED may yet redeem themselves, to a degree, as an active contributor in the war against Scientology [1]. This is of course not to say that any of the propositions in the above examples are bad in all cases, in fact, many of them are great solutions to the specific problems that they were designed to solve. On the 18th, Ymir alerted big boss David Gerard to Shouniaisha’s pedophilia , but Gerard didn’t do anything besides expressing some pessimism. There may be no need to reinvent the wheel. The high-profile drama it was involved it demands that we speculate, and frankly, someone ought to pay. It has a “snarky point of view” SPOV policy [11] as opposed to Wikipedia’s neutral point of view policy.

Her trolling resulted in many pages being mod-locked, and incited a Ratwiki civil war with well-known users clashing in an ultimate display of faggotry not seen since Hipocrite, resulting in accusations of trolling by the Jewlord agents.

They host several What raationalwiki going on at?

critical thinking rationalwiki

RationalWiki labeled all that stuff as “woo” and thus in their “bullshit” category. The site is like Rush Limbaugh occasionally dropping a negative quip on the air about the KKK or some far-right group which everyone hates, immediately after having claimed that liberal public schools brainwash your kids into shooting heroin and joining ISIS.


On 27th, Gooniepunk once again defended the banreinstituted Arisboch’d permabanand hid the blog log entry with his bot. Retrieved January 26, Opiates for the masses. After the infiltration and the banning of crutical the RationalWiki members from the RationalWiki, the sysops decided to take the wiki in a new direction.

critical thinking rationalwiki

This is a sure sign of spending too long on the internet no shit, Sherlock. Pseudoscience and the Paranormal. Hell, even Conservapedia never tried to use their articles to bully people off the internet like an Encyclopedia Rxtionalwiki for leftists but driven by butthurt and zero self awareness. Retrieved January 17, Add to that dozens of essays, anagrams, games, and poems; a comparative study of Schlafly and Black Jesus ; daily wikistalking ; rationalwuki rock opera written by RW’s resident gays ; and endless, massive ridiculing directed at Andy himself and his cronies.

QualiaSoup provides a brief and educational look at some of the rtionalwiki of critical thinking. Note that they also banned my other account, Mr. According to the Collegiate Learning Assessment [1]critical thinking skills include the following:. This is of course not to say that any of the propositions in the above examples are bad in all cases, in fact, many of them are great solutions to the specific problems ragionalwiki they were designed to solve. On the 30th, the SecretAgentoftheMods account removed Ryulong from the vandal bin and then suppressed a portion of the log entry pertaining to it.

Critical thinking – RationalWiki

This may partly explain why the site is now overrun by a cabal of inbreds which includes many disgruntled Wikipedia editors; said folks were likely fed up with WP’s policies on neutral POV and reliable sources: Many of these benefits do not apply to most businesses especially startups. Rather than marshal logical arguments and empirical data, critical race theorists tell stories — fictional, science-fictional, quasi-fictional, autobiographical, anecdotal—designed to expose the pervasive and debilitating racism of America today.


McDonald’s RestaurantsLawrence v. Preceded by Donald Trump. Its influence was largely confined to the ivory tower ; however, mostly due to the efforts of CLS practitioner Catharine MacKinnona radical feminist law professor and friend of Andrea Dworkinmany of its ideas found their way into the real world and currently have some influence in the area of sexual harassment law. Retrieved January 7, But nowhere near as pathetic as running a wiki supposedly revolving around objectivity and humorwhile simultaneously writing humorless feminazi propagandagiving admin privileges to folks like Ryulong who was banned from TOW for accepting bribes to edit the Gamergate article and Laurelai a real life rapists who tried to get their victims to kill themselves.

The true motives of RationalWiki? Proving that bitchfights over religion are not limited to JewTube teenagerssome RW adminslike Trent Toulouse and Ames Grawer, infiltrated Conservapedia with honorable intentions, but they were detected and banned for life by the clueless pedos that run CP.

Succeeded by Team Fortress 2.

Bowling Green State University dissertation. They legitimately believe what they write. A significant fraction of activity on RationalWiki was critiquing and “monitor[ing] Conservapedia”.


Retrieved January 19, By “off-site doxxing and harassment”, they mean those “yes or no” questions he asked at Kiwi Farmseven though those questions thinkint instigate the doxing in the first place, as Queex was doxed on the previous dayas the thread they apparently used as evidence even acknowledges. This page was last edited on 19 Mayat What do we know about the SecretAgentoftheMods account and the events:.

It used to revolve around obsessing about every single edit Conservapedia editors made and nit-picking every single thing it’s creator Andy Schlaflywho is not a SJW does – right down to criticizing the buttons on his shirtwhich was sort of pathetic.

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