It might be large in terms of square miles or it might be relatively small. Mometrix Academy Search for: The constructed response graders award a score to each answer based on how thoroughly the test taker has explained their answer and displayed their comprehension of the subject, as well as how pertinent the answer is to the question being asked. Most kids like hanging out with their friends after school somewhere in the community, so this is really important. Describe one contemporary theory of language acquisition.

Generally, scores on each section of the CTEL will range between and points. One way that you as a teacher can help address this situation is to set up a teacher sharing group in your school that is devoted to the topic of differentiating instruction fo rEnglish learners, where teachers share instructional strategies they have found effective. I f you keep the meetings informal and fun, teachers will want to come! The practice questions were also very helpful. Be sure to allocate your time carefully, so you are able to complete the entire test within the testing session.

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CTEL Practice Test (updated ) CTEL Exam Review

The CTEL exam features two different question formats: Language learners need to be exposed to comprehensible input that is at a slightly higher level of difficulty than they can currently produce in the target language.

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ctel sample essay questions

The practice of teaching students to group or classify vocabulary and terminology according to semantic and syntactic attributes provides them with cognitive tools for comprehending and remembering new language and concepts in a variety of academic contexts. Good influences are things like nice stores and nice places like parks and malls where students can hang out after school and have fun with people who are nice and respect them.


ALL the teachers in the school will become better teachers of English learners with respect to knowing how to promote the students ELD.

ctel sample essay questions

The results of such assessments should then be used to inform instructional planning by identifying students’ learning needs. Then the other students try to guess the word. In a written response: Attendance wouldnt be required but should be encouraged. Add this document to collection s. The activity will facilitate their use of standard dictionaries to determine meanings of unknown words.

Sample Test Questions for CTEL 1

Explain how this strategy furthers ELL language learning relative to the factor you described. The downloadable tests were close to the amount of problems that I will face on the test, giving me a realistic run-through of how the actual test will feel!

Zero points are taken away or awarded for wrong answers. The practice questions were also very helpful. Scoring Scale Scores will be assigned to each response to the assignment according to the following scoring scale. One way that you as a teacher can help address this situation is to set up a teacher sharing group in your school that is devoted to the topic of differentiating instruction for English learners, where teachers share instructional strategies they have found effective.

Because culture and language are so integrally connected, this culturally inclusive environment is likely to facilitate English learners’ language acquisition by increasing their sense of well-being and self-worth.

These meetings would be an effective strategy because English learners will not make progress if the instruction dssay receive is either too essay or too hard.

Poor achievement in school leads to limited potential in employment and higher education later in life. The practice test will help greatly as well, plus the answer key has explanations to justify each correct answer.


Sample Test Questions for CTEL 2

The group would meet as often as necessary. The CTEL test is developed queshions cooperation with numerous educational professionals. All other exams have a variety of resources to help your prepare, but Mometrix is the only organization to provide exam prep materials for the CTEL exam.

Which of the following is the primary tenet of social-interactionist theories of language acquisition? You are to prepare a written response of approximately — words on the assigned topic. Each question in the first section of this test is a multiple-choice question with four answer choices. Interacting with familiar objects will tend to promote English learners’ language development by providing meaningful stimuli for ctep conversations.

ctel sample essay questions

Teaching English Learners Across. Students can really get into trouble if they start doing drugs or smoking or joining a gang. The opinions expressed in the sample responses to the performance assignments are provided for illustrative purposes only and do not sajple represent the views of either the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing or the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson. Language and Language Development, including a description of the test structure, sample test directions, sample multiple-choice questions and annotated responses, and a sample constructed-response question with sample responses and scoring information.

Which of the following activities is likely to be most effective in promoting their English language development by providing opportunities for comprehensible input and output? Test takers are barred from bringing calculators, phones, tablets, or any other similar tools with them on the day of the test.

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