Multimedia in science teaching: None 18 citations document [35] L. Attitudes towards Physics and Chemistry: All of them have potential drawbacks. Nature , — 23 April doi: None 12 citations document extra information [16] N. Activities with parents on the computer:

Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence A 4 citations document [27] L. NooA – Narratives of our Age: Applications should include a motivation letter, a detailed CV and the contact details of two potential referees, and sent by e-mail to rurbatzka ciimar. Proceedings of DSAA B 44 citations document extra information.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to jalmeida ciimar. Journal of Hydrology None 18 citations document.

None 2 citations document [42] L. Data Analysis, Classification, and Related Methods. None 18 citations document [35] L. A 39 citations document [32] R.

curriculum vitae fcup

Fish-benthos interactions in coastal nurseries: Effects of dietary components and holding conditions on energy use and oxidative stress in fish Supervisors: Utility-based Predictive Analytics Supervisor: A 50 citations document.

Frontiers Microbiology to appear, accepted with major revisionspp. The fup media in the Portuguese education: Reviewing of 2 submissions. None 6 citations document [60] L. None 39 citations [53] L. We assess the possibility of reducing the travel time of a manned mission to Mars by vite four different propulsion methods, for a fixed architecture.


André G C Guerra | Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto –

ACM Press,pp. In spite of the previously mentioned limitations I have collected some data concerning bibliometric information related with my publications with the goal of helping in assessing the impact of this aspect of my research activities. Further details virae the criteria and meaning of this classification schema can be obtained here. Workshop and Conference Proceedings.

Toral, accepted for publication in Phys.

curriculum vitae fcup

So, a peer reviewed book by a major publisher is non-existent for this widely used bibliometric index; ii one of my recent journal publications is on ACM Computing Surveys, one of the top journals of Computer Science according to the data from Thomson ISI impact factor. Past, Present, and Future? None 8 citations document [52] J. Attitudes towards Physics vita Chemistry: International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition 8.

Arquivo de PhD – ihc

None 32 citations document. Assessing scientific quality is not an easy task and it is still source of debate among many scholars.


A 1 citations document. B 6 citations document [46] L.

Curriculum vitae fcup

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol This index overcomes some limitations the other indices have, particularly for Computer Science, as it is clearly much more inclusive, although with an increased risk of inflating numbers. The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics. This section presents my main research ucrriculum that may help in understanding the impact of my research.

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