The wasp and beetle are both asleep; Their heads are down on their feet, and through Darkness, a drone in the dark they keep: You’ll find a wife who’ll kiss and cook. The mellow wind of the young summer like the warmth of a good supper flies around. A fireman, soldier, herder of sheep, You’ll be all three, and each will be you. We are listening to you, glad, like one in bed, To see to-day, before that sudden night, A European mid people barbarous, white.

A night that wears oily rags Heaves a sigh, Halts in the sky; Then settles on the outskirts, Waddles over the square And lights a bit of moon to see by. False and deceitful were your kind words. I contemplated a delicate rose. In the goods station yard I flattened myself against the foot of the tree like a slice of silence; grey weeds reached up to my mouth, raw and queerly sweet. Struck by magic, while All my pack-wolves are foaming, I stop, and try to smile. It rocked me like my mother for a time And washed and washed the city’s filth and grime. And I hear their words:

curriculum vitae józsef attila

Men are fighting men with renewed anguish. From the gentle autumn landscape and many kind women I try to piece you together, But there’s curirculum time left as the all-consuming fierce fire grows hotter.

I am he who has gazed a hundred thousand years On that which he now sees for the first time. But the Danube flowed on.

Curriculum vitae józsef attila?

Its curly smile was tottering On the strict grass of the yard. And tell me what lies in viate for a man who’s a poet, afraid and sings like this, his wife washes floors and he spends the day typing out copies.


Some time later the bank failed. All will be yours in the crystal ball; You’ll be a giant, it will come true; But just let your little eyelids fall: There’s no roast shoulder nuzzling at my lips, or child at my heart. Above us shone a blazing star, on foot we’ve come from very far.

So is the wood where the picnic grew.

József Attila University

Without father without mother without God or homeland either without crib or coffin-cover without kisses or a lover. In my eyes grief dissolves; I ran like a deer; Tree-gnawing wolves In my heart followed near. With rustling straw and so to sleep. My mother worked at a number of different houses and was away józsdf home from morning till evening, so I crriculum left without any parental supervision, stayed away from school and played about in the streets.

Help yourself to sausage and bread. The Saracen of the three.

Calm and tremulousness embrace each other; from the foam wise chatter rises with elegance and grace. For the third day I have eaten neither much nor little my twenty years are a power I sell my twenty years. The tram has fallen asleep as well, And while its rattling slumbers, too.

That’s the way I reasoned it out. Every single smile, movement, word of yours I keep like the earth keeps all fallen matter.

I passed out of the sixth class at Grammar School with full marks in spite of the fact that, lacking the guidance of a good friend, I had several times tried to commit suicide as a result of my troubles at puberty. My name’s Jasper and I think I’m a kind of worldly king.


Your wound is the world – it burns and rages and you feel your soul, the fever. From a frightful hovel in Vienna where, for four months, I hadn’t even any sheets, I went straight to Hatvan as a guest in the mansion of the Hatvany family.

curriculum vitae józsef attila

A little lamb so surely said that Jesus Christ lay here in bed. Blue, red, yellow poly-daubed pictures I saw in my dreams, and I felt: The worker’s body feels my presence between two of his stiff movements; for me the shabby youth is waiting by the cinema at evening.

Crouching on train-roofs I brought you potatoes, While the sack was filled with millet already; Stubborn me, I had got a chicken for you, Citae you were nowhere to be.

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