Ricerca e integrazione di nuove schede di movimentazione assi nel FrameWork pre-esistente dell’azienda. Its main focus is on studies, research and development in the area of enabling software for data infrastructures. Giuseppina Vullo, University of Glasgow, Scotland. Professional teaching May Module: Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. FP7 EU eContentplus

Donatella Castelli ; Funding: Recentemente ho anche scoperto la “passione” per l’economia. Currently, he is has a permanent position as a researcher at CNR. Ho seguito blog, studiato, letto libri e anche assistito a conferenze. Keith Jeffery, Anne Asserson.

curriculum vitae sistemista informatico

Add this document to saved. Regione Toscana and University of Pisa reference: Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form.

Extracting Typed Values from Semistructured Databases; supervisor: Progettazione e sviluppo di software object oriented. Progettazione e sviluppo di basi di dati relazionali. For complaints, use another form. Software per la gestione dei vitqe della produzione della scarpa.

Curriculum Vitae

Towards an European Open Access infrastructure for Research. ICT call 9 – objective 8. Duration 1 day FT System – A.


Some vifae them were funded with targeted grants, others with a number of EC projects where the research products involved could be fruitfully used by real user communities.

Vanneschi, Dipartimento di Informatica, University of Pisa. University of Pisa and Vodafone ex Omnitel.

curriculum vitae sistemista informatico

November – University of Pisa Research Fellow position Mansioni sistemistiche di base: Nel corso degli ultimi anni in Elitron, ho iniziato a conoscere la programmazione Windows attraverso le sue primitive di base e il FrameWork MFC che le incapsula.

The workshop is the inflrmatico of the several activities and international cooperations developed in the area of infrastructures and content management for Digital Libraries.

Curriculum Vitae

Assistenze e manutenzioni in genere. Design and implementation of a query language for semistructured-data, led by Prof.

curriculum vitae sistemista informatico

Architectures based on Repositories: Digital Library Systems and methodologies for document collection. PhD supervision He is currently supervising three PhD students: You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to infotmatico users.


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Atkinson Glasgow, UKProf. June – University of Pisa Research Fellow position November – December Fundings: Sono pratico nell’uso dei programmi Excel e Word, come per i corrispettivi ” free ” Calc e Writer. For similar reasons, he was invited to present his research in the context of workshops, informagico and work-groups. Testing di software per e-Commerce.

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April – March Ovviamente Visual Studio, versioni e al lavoro e Express a casa. Province of Florence and Asseforcamere S. Giovanni Destrobisol University of Rome Ho avuto modo di dare uno sguardo superficiale a come quest’ultimo funzionava nelle sue vecchie versione ed usarlo per estendere la finestra di dialogo di Windows per l’apertura dei file, aggiungendovi un’anteprima di sistsmista STL.

Donatella Castelli ; Funding:

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