Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change. Climate refugee is a stronger, more urgent term; many of these people need immediate recognition and attention, not just with feeding programs but for the rich nations to open their doors like they did to the Vietnamese boat people or other refugees’ Besides, more than 3 thousand indigenous Munda community members live in Koyra and Shyamnagar Upazila Then the final survey was done with family members of 41 Households HH. At least 1, livestock cattle, buffalo and goat and more than thousand poultry resources has been damaged totally. According to the Climate Risk Index of Germanwatch, Bangladesh is the top sufferer of last decade in the world due to climatic disasters Ministry of Environment and Forest.

Among others, the consultative process must include affected people, their local governments and scientists. But the embankments were remaining breached and people have no choice but stay in the city slums. What are the situation they facing in new places? Within the forced displaced people by cyclone Aila, 1 latrine is used by every forty person in their settlements. When they had lost their homestead lands and essential commodities they had to migrate from the areas. Adequate measures including training for skill development of the vulnerable people so that they can be efficient citizen of the country. As a result, many of the affected people could not take refuge in the Cyclone Shelters and trying to stay in the temporary huts or educational institutions.

Four Upazilas under Khulna and Satkhira districts are the worst affected by the cyclone Aila and following storm surge.

Rupsa Aitchgati, Talimpur, Bagmara, Jabusha 4 9.

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Situation Reports for Cyclone Aila. As this hazard has occurred in the middle of the year, government and non- Figure 6: The Midnapore East district zilla parishad has claimed that over 50, ha of crop land has been bahgladesh due to a large scale inundation by river and sea waters. The people had firstly migrated to the nearby urban areas like Satkhira, Paikgachha and Batiaghata town and Khulna city to survive.


cyclone aila bangladesh case study

The Nangladesh Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also warned the world leaders about increased number of refugees in the recent years due to adverse impacts of climate change Assessing the total number and situation of livelihood, education and other socioeconomic status of the forced migrants are also considered as additional objectives.

However, the nangladesh of the problem demands some specific action rather than making statements. Most of the houses of rural areas are made of mud or bamboo.

Climate change, on its own, does not directly displace people or cause them to move but it produces environmental effects and exacerbates current vulnerabilities that make it difficult for people to survive where they are. At least 1, livestock cattle, buffalo and goat and more than thousand poultry resources has been damaged totally.

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Of them 80, people have been rescued till late this afternoon, Mr Dasgupta [West Bengal Minister for Finance] said. The newly migrated people may create more clashes on all over the country.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Among the total Aila refugee about 15, people took shelter in Khulna city cycclone involved in odd jobs like rickshaw pulling, daily labour, temporary wages and agricultural labour. Upazila of Origin of the Aila refugees After analyzing the area of taking shelter it is seen that the trend of taking shelter is concentrated in under- developed pockets which are near to the centre of Khulna city.

According to Ahmed et al. The participants of the study recommended for very emergency measures with a harsh tone of voice. Another outbreak of water borne diseases, namely dysenteryhas infected over 3, people.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

This study will help the advocates and policy makers to know about the extra pressure faced by the migrants and what type of policy reform and physical stuvy are needed to ensure basic human rights, essential state services and livelihood opportunities for the CIDPs who are now totally homeless. Definition and Debates 1 1.


International Journal of Disaster Risk Science. Ministry of Food and Disaster Managementand Banglapedia More than thousand people among thousand people of these areas directly affected by the cyclone Aila and more thanpeople took shelter on the embankments, educational institutions, other buildings and cyclone shelters.

May 25] Parts of coastal Orissa In ails FGDs, the respondents expressed the severity of the problems and discussed with many other issues caase covered by the questionnaire. Trends of Migration Srudy have made connection to the settlements for given vaccine. According the findings of the study, a large portion extreme poor migrated to the urban areas.

According to the pilot survey undertaken in this study, 41 slums were found where the Aila migrants have taken shelter. The total area of Khulna City Corporation is Such disasters are the result of incremental and rapid ecological change and srudy that include increased droughts, desertification, sea level rise, and the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, cyclones, flooding and 7 IOM Initial Assessment of Cyclone Aila: Unnayan Onneshan, Humanitywatch and Nijera Ztudy.

Information and data is collected from both primary and secondary sources for cross-checking and interpretation. People in some areas were trying to survive by collecting water from tube-wells which are kilometres far from their community. The other questions like adapting with new social environment, employment and behaviour of local people with the settlers and social unrest are a risk of resettlement as Bangladeshi society is not multidimensional.

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