Most of the poor communities depend on agriculture or natural resources for their subsistence. Climate Change and Forced Migration: Out of 42 million, thousands were only from Bangladesh Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cyclone Aila. The study is conducted in the slums of Khulna city where the cyclone Aila victims had taken shelter after losing their houses and traditional occupations. In its first assessment report in , the IPCC made a specific link between migration and climate change, sayings its effects could displace millions

Dumuria Thukra 1 2. Higher SST driven rough sea events have been causing enormous problems to the fisher-folk communities coastal Bangladesh As they have a very limited belongings in their own locality. According to the survey, among the migrants only October 52 http: There are some policies including ‘Khasland state owned land Distribution Policy, Ashrayan relocation Policy and Social Safety Net Services to safeguard the vulnerable communities.

But the CFM is a burning question for Bangladesh now.

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It is estimated that more than million people may be displaced permanently from their traditional habitat due to cyclone, bangladedh surge and river bank erosion combined with high saline water intrusion At least homes were also damaged in the area. Most of the inhabitants of these areas are small and marginal farmer, fisher folk, forest resource dependent communities and indigenous Munda people.

Lion part of the migrated people expresses that they had to migrate due to loss of houses, belongings and cultivable lands while Towards an Integration of Engineering.


April 84 K. Khulna, June 82 District Education Office Cyclone and Storm surge activity in Bangladesh will force at least 20 million Bangladeshis on the move, with ramifications for food and water supplies as well as disease epidemics Special thanks to environmental researcher and Khulna University teacher Kushal Roy for his significant contribution in this study.

Combining science 21 Christian Aid It is estimated that, at least 88, cycoone left the areas during May-June These are the key questions from where this study started.

The numbers of cyclone Aila migrants are near about 14, in Khulna metropolitan city. Climate refugee is cyckone stronger, more urgent term; many of these people need immediate recognition and attention, not just with feeding programs but for the rich nations to open their doors like they did to the Vietnamese boat people or other refugees’ Can large scale environmental migrations be predicted?

Mongla was very less affected by cyclone Aila. Some academicians including campaigners are trying to define Climate Migrants as someone displaced by climate change induced environmental disasters.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Even some of them migrated to CHT88 for selling labour as they could not banglxdesh their livelihood in the areas. To understand the causes of displacements of the Migrants of cyclone Aila; ii.

The next day, the army used helicopters to provide food to the affected population. Data collected were analysed through statistical models and interpreted based on their merits. The total area of Khulna City Corporation is The port town of Paradip witnessed its highest rainfall of 26 cm today.


People also migrate due to some pull factors like higher education opportunities, better job opportunities, better living conditions, political and religious freedom, enjoyment, education, better medical care, attractive climates, security, family links, industry and better chances of marrying3. Consequently, the study team depended on the oral citations of respondents to select resettlement areas and respondents. At first, the people of higher and middle classes has left the the Aila affected areas and went to their relatives or rented houses in the city.

Cyclone Aila

Foundation for the Future. Most of the people from the nearer affected areas like Koyra and Dacope migrated to Khulna city.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Forced Aola Review, OctoberIssue 31 Global Environmental Change, Vol. Log In Sign Up. Satkhira Shyamnagar 3 36, Assasuni 2 11, Total: The rest of migrants Throughout the country, at leastpeople were left homeless. Added to that, due to sea level rise, the high-tide level has been raising and collapsing coastal embankments, which causes these floods and expanding day-by- day. Archived from the original on May 23,

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