My first purchase of the techno gods and I was not disappointed in any aspect. Watched Interstella and that didn’t disappoint either. If every musician nowadays had the consciousness of these guys to make music the scene would be very differently, and saying this I wanna mean that they are great, Complete musicians and examples to follow in electronic music! And that’s absolutely incredible. See the rest of the song lyrics. Ancestral Recall – Christian Scott.

I feel it get’s a bit repetitive over six minuets, yet I prefer it to the Radio Edit because there is more to it, so maybe they could have gone halfway between the song mixes. Random Access Memories felt like a tragedy to me. This is a real shame for the legitimate feature artists which each have excellent music to offer in their own right. Songs you thought you knew are put through the spin cycle–each track deftly fastens together at least two of their best–so even if you’re the level of devotee who owns ‘Homework’ in every format, you’ll still be impressed by this heavy load. You need to have heard this album. On a side note, I hadn’t even heard “Harder, Better

daft punk homework metacritic

Legacy quickly immerses you into a detailed, stunning world. Moreover their videos are brilliant with cute little Japanese characters to make it looks spicy ,I mean spacey. This review contains spoilersclick expand to view. Every single song has good stuff about it, but in general these are the most important things to be said about Discovery: This album has to be watched, not listened, I mean, the music video of this album Interstella The Creator – Mdou Moctar.


For everyone else, its a rich rewarding listen.

Alive by Daft Punk Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

See all User Reviews. I was super excited about this coming out but after listening to it if feels bland and flat it defiantly does not sound like daft punk. I can never get sick of it. Daft fans will undeniably love this.

daft punk homework metacritic

This is an incredible, the best of Daft Punk if you will To me, most are not balanced in crispness and energy along with enthusiasm from the spectators. Not one banger, not one peak, not one song that flips the switch. Only a single second of listening is enough to prove that DP is one of the greatest things in the music history.

daft punk homework metacritic

Every track works and is enjoyable, but not always for the same reason. If you loved it be sure to complement your experience by watching Interstella We discovered other Daft Punk, not what we expected, we knew not, but equally amazing and transgressors. A perfectly executed mash-up of all of the best songs we know and love from the datf iconic electronic duo, Daft Punk. I still have hope that Daft Punk will release an Metacrtiic masterpiece One More Time, but it seems that they would rather give up on the genre they popularized, instead of trying to reshape it.

Despite the non-originality fact, Random access memories still an enjoyable album, well done and with a good potential. Trick yourselves into thinking the robots are twisting some radical new spin on the form if you wish, but I’m logging off now. The album has a much different sound compared to any of Daft Punks earlier work, which depending on whether you like or disliked their past albums could be a good metaccritic bad thing.


I would have known this beforehand by doing some research, but I wanted to embrace RAM with no expectation of what it would be like. I do not think anyone was expecting what Homewkrk Punk has delivered with Random Access Memories, and I say that as a positive thing.

Random Access Memories

I wasn’t much of a daft punk fan before this album. Get all the details on these and other major summer releases, and listen to tracks from each one.

If the next album will be like this, the wave of criticism will be higher, so be careful, daft punk! Daft Punk set a pretty high standard with their previous two albums I simply do meyacritic like it and will not be buying the album.

Take a look at the people buying the cds opinion. Springsteen on Broadway – Bruce Springsteen.

Tron: Legacy

Nothing has come close and if were to get familiar with it, rather than judging it at your first impression, you might agree. The best homewofk to listen to this album is in it’s entirety. I am happy to say that this album is pure gold, as if king Midas himself touched Daft Punk’s synthesizers.

There are better beats on the damn Jadakiss CD.

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