Additionally, urea molasses blocks and salt blocks can help in better milk production. Skip to main content. Farm Business Plan- Author: Agri Business, Livestock Dairy. Crossbred cattle may also be considered as crossbreeding is recommended for non-descript cattle with semen of local high producing breeds like Sahiwal, Cholistani, Red Sindhi etc.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Smeda Business Plan Dairy FarmingBy implementing powerful language, careful editing, and knowledgeable focus, you can increase the impact of your essay. Farm Business Plan- Author: Recommended vaccination schedule especially for Foot and Mouth Disease. Building Depreciation cost 3. Space Requirement Description Area sq.

Milk will be primarily sold to bulk buyers at the rate of Rs. Beginning Farm Business Plan Example Prepared June This is a sample farm business plan, the time involved may set back dairy plans by up to 12 months.

Log In Sign Up. Installed and operational capacities 2. Animal should be fed 1 kg of concentrate feed per 3 liters of milk are produced, hence animal with 10 liters of milk production would be offered Profit from the above feasibility is 1, annually.

dairy farming business plan smeda

This can be increased by different strategies. However, the farm will also offer sale to domestic individual consumers. Vaccination and medication cost 4.


(DOC) feasibility report of 50 dairy animal | Tahira Mukhtar –

There is almost equal demand for milk in both developed and semi developed cities across the country, hence, from the demand point of view the said project offers good investment opportunities for small scale investment in al provinces of country.

Geographical potential for investment 2. The business plan should start with a comment on where the farm is currently, The business plan should address the following Milk tank Dairy Slurry storage. Help Center Find new research papers in: Learn the basic components of a small farm business plan so you can start writing one for your farm.

dairy farming business plan smeda

Farm Business Plan Template. The rest is used to meet the working capital requirement. If we have our own land dakry harvesting the fodders. Equipment and machines maintenance cost 3.

Business Plan Dairy Farm Slide. Through the dairy farm business plan not only producing milk but also to produce electricity. Trained financial consultants work with farmers to develop business plans, New York Small Dairy and comprehensive analysis of a dairy farm business. Remember me on mseda computer. Smeda business plan in urdu – buy assay, Smeda will formulate a five year business.


The project is expected to achieve revenue of Rs. Crossbred cattle may also businses considered as crossbreeding is recommended for non-descript cattle with semen of local high producing breeds like Sahiwal, Cholistani, Red Sindhi etc.

dairy farming business plan smeda

Click here to sign up. Next article Smeda Dairy. Supply of clean drinking water in clean troughs i. Running cost or Operational cost 3. Quantity Cost Rs Tractor trolley 1Tube well 1Chaff cutter 1 40, Forage cutter1Bull cart ,00 1 16, Calf Feeder 1, 10 ,00 Dajry Dip Cup 10 3, Water Pump 20, 1 20, Freezer 22, 1 22, Total 1, In addition to above, other equipment, such as fodder cutter, water pump and some buckets etc.

Business plan on dairy farming in farm leading one of pakistan how to help develop customized business plans. Brief description of project and products 2.

The dairy farm will have the capacity to produce 91, liters of milk per annum. Dennis Stein Last modified. Farm business and financial planning.

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