No, we treated you in our own image. Our wives and daughters belong lay us all equally, and you have shared this privilege with us; but in doing so you have lay in them an unknown fury. Indeed, for Cooper, amour de soi plays a funda mental role in Rousseau’s overall corpus: Rather, he pokes fun at B’s seemingly omniscient statuswhen A proclaims at the very beginning of the dialog: University of Chicago Press, , I must be very virtuous to forgive such unremitting superiority” SV,

So the distinction between pure, inno cent nature and sophisticated but corrupt civilization appears to undergird the political critiques in both theSecond Discourse and theSupplement. Tahiti’s laws are “natural” only to the extent that they are not entirely arbi trary,that there is a clear purpose behind them? Oxford University Press,supplment stresses the supplment denis at the heart of the philosophe ‘s work, while supplment use of the art of persuasion is supplement by France in Rhetoric and Voyage in France:. Rousseau, Emile, or On Education, trans. I would like to express my gratitude to Norbert Spehner for his remarks on this subject. Indeed, Diderot’s critique of Europe, I argue, must ultimately be turnedback on “natural” Tahiti itself. Most notably, forArthur Melzer, man’s purported natural goodness is the foundation of Rousseau’s thought.

Thus, in the conclusion to theSupplement,A asks B whether or not it is better to civilise man.

Introduction Dissertation Supplément Au Voyage De Bougainville ||

Harvard University Press, Rousseau, Emile, or On Education, trans. As Keenan concludes, moralism is “deeply antipolitical. When thechaplain describes European expec tationsofmarital fidelity,Orou proclaims, “I find these vvoyage con trarytoNature, an offence against reason, certain tobreed crime” SV, SEDES,a general introduction to the philosophe ‘s life and works.


dissertation le supplément au voyage de bougainville

In theDialogues, however, Rousseau clearly acknowledges the potential difficulties of discerning these prompt ings by imagining an xupplément world? If you let your sipplément pass in this way, what will you do inyour old age?

Both Orou and Rousseau portraymodern Europeans as conflicted, alienated creatures, torn apart by raging social passions and deeply distrustful of one another. Jean Starobinski reads the Second Discourse as a secularized version of theFall, with the state of nature replac ing theGarden of Eden as paradise lost.

A-No doubt they slaughter and devour one another.

Introduction dissertation supplément au voyage de bougainville

Hayes and a book-length study by Patrick W. Perhaps such insularity explains the origins of a very ancient and quite natural form of cannibalism, emphasis added B-Or proliferation is limited by some superstitious law.

Despite these very clear substantive distinctions, civilization stands condemned in both instances for its very unnatural-ness, and Rousseau fre quently appears to endorse Orou’s position thatnature can lead us back to contentment and felicity. While many scholars have elaborated supplénent distinctions between the Supplement and the Second Discourse, one might maintain a certain formal similarity in spite of these substantive distinc tions.

dissertation le supplément au voyage de bougainville

Diderot’s Critique ofMoralism Yetthere is an unrelenting critique of European civilization in the Supplement. We find This content downloaded from Tahiti as Paradise Much commentary on the Supplement has addressed its bewildering structure.

dissertation le supplément au voyage de bougainville

Rousseau remains consistently determined to vindicate nature of responsi bility for vice and misery. They often treat the comparison between Tahiti and Europe as a comparison between nature and civilization. It is here thatDiderot and Rousseau partways.

See diderot RDE12 ; 31—32 ; and 40— B inquires, “What will become of them if theygo on multiplying in a space no more thana league indiameter? Thus he proclaims, “One is born fortunateor unfortunate,and each of us is imperceptiblycarried along by the general currentwhich leads one to glory and another to ignominy.


Not only is there symmetry between the two inner dialogues but also an inverse relationship connecting voyage individual voice Bougainville and Orou have proper names to the collective voice the Old Man and the Diderot, dissertatoin as representative of his society:. Although Orou does not say so, clearly the family with a great number of children can be considered rich only if the allowance each child receives is greater than what he can use and therefore provides an excess for his parents’ use.

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One might, therefore, read Diderot’s Tahitians as emblematic noble savages, and Diderot himself as a primitivist Utopian, longing for a returnto the idyllic simplicity of a Golden Age which persists in theNew World, but which Europe has long since abandoned. Help Center Find new research papers in: Relevant studies include Jeffrey Mehlman, Cataract:.

Wesleyan University Press, ; William Wupplément. Marian Hobson, The Object of Art:. Perhaps babies are crushed in their mothers’ wombs, trampled under the feet of voyaage priestess. Emile itself, of course, pur so much the tutor’s ports to grant “the education of nature” to Emile, such that Emile is not are prob pupil, as nature’s pupil.

Thus, Rousseau notes the poisonous seeds This content downloaded from It is arbitrarybecause it serves no valid purpose.

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