The aim of the study was, first, to establish the presence of written , verbal , observational , experiential and training information forms in the strategic decision-making process. Conclusions This article has revealed a state of poor health data collection, lack of data-based decision-making at all levels and the factors for change in the country’s HMIS. Consultative meetings with health centres, WaterAid, filling station, other staff at district health office. Data analysis was multi-stage. The logic is that effective and efficient HMIS will provide district health managers with the information required to make effective strategic decisions that support district performance and sustainability in these decentralized health systems.

Routines associated with information types in the solution development stage, across the eight studied strategic decision cases. Information systems for health sector monitoring in Papua New Guinea. In addition, task forces specially convened for the decision process also became channels for not only pooling information from various stakeholder experiences and expert knowledge, but also served as entry points for that information into the decision-making process. Tables 3 , 4 and 5 present the sources of the information forms identified at each of the three decision process stages in Table 2 , for each decision case. However, other forms of information have been identified in empirical literature as being present in the organizational environment. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

dissertation on hmis

Poor knowledge on HMIS among health workers was linked to lack of training on the system and workload pressure. Evaluation of the quality of medical records in Botswana.

Dissertation on hmis

Ward J, Griffiths P. The respondent from the district authority reported that the process of health data in the current HMIS was long and difficult, with many booklets and forms with some dissertatiob information.

Background A health management information system HMIS is a process whereby health data are recorded, stored and processed for policy-making, planning, implementation and evaluation of health programs.


Primary Health Services Development Program – Here, managers or their assigned proxies actively searched for information relating to those aspects of the problem. In addition, organizational documentation relating directly and indirectly to the decision process was requested and reviewed.

dissertation on hmis

Table 2 shows, in a comprehensive manner, the information profile across the three decision- making process stages for each dissertarion the eight strategic decision-making processes traced in the study. The paper describes a comparative study of two district health systems in Zambia, and its main intention is to highlight one major implication of the study findings. However, for decades now it has been well acknowledged, from observations, that decision-makers gather information and ignore it; dissertatjon make decisions first and look for the relevant information afterwards for instance, March Health information in the new millennium: Abstract At the onset of health system decentralization as a primary health care strategy, which constituted a key feature of health sector reforms across the developing world, efficient and effective health management information systems HMIS were widely acknowledged and adopted as a critical element of district health management strengthening programmes.

The selection process involved several progressive rounds of scoring all the districts in the country on the basis of: Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

Conversely, an urban district health system in Zambia carries a district health service structure that serves an urban community only.

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Yet, these hints represent some of the fundamental aspects of any information system: Integrated health infomation systems in Tanzania: In view of these gaps the system was recommended for revision.

Profile essay interview questions. Contemporary philosophy rissertation organizational management no systems including HMIS is centred on formal structured information systems with, among others, specified formal encoding, transmission and decoding rules that govern those structures Liebenau and Backhouse ; Ward and Griffiths ; Boman et al. The research team also interviewed the district HMIS coordinator for the factors that affected health information system.


HMIS was certainly a commonly used source of information, but the most common basis for a decision was experiential information. Published online Jun In addition, organizational documentation relating directly and indirectly to the decision process was requested and reviewed. Key informants were mainly those members of the DHMT or of the broader district health office that had participated in the process.

Dissertation on hmis

Essay on prime minister jan dhan yojana. Whereas, observational information reached the managers through direct or vicarious observation or witnessing of organizational activity related to the problem being addressed.

The “mailbox syndrome” is a phenomenon whereby a crucial information generated at the health facility level is mailed rather than used locally for quality care improvement [ 16 ]. The first version was entirely in English and it was soon realized upon testing that the users had limited commands in this language and was therefore technically changed to Kiswahili, the national diszertation.

Local strategic decisions are central to the definition of district health management capacity and the determination of district health system sustainability, in decentralized health systems Mutemwa Received Dec 17; Accepted Jun The opinions expressed in this paper are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect formal views disertation the institutions mentioned.

As Table 1 shows, a total of eight strategic decision-making processes were dissertationn in the two district health systems. Cassels A, Janovsky K.

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