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Drummer, Dietmar › Institute of Polymer Technology (LKT)

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Tribological anisotropy of selective laser sintered PA12 parts In: Intelligent machine technology for flat, lightweight components In: Interfacial interaction and joining yhomas of direct injection-molded polymer-metal hybrid structures: Journal of Polymer Engineering 38p. Piezoaktive Faserverbundbauteile – Health Monitoring an verbundspritzgegossenen Sandwichstrukturen Post-crosslinking behavior of radiation crosslinked polyamide 66 during vibration welding In: Kunststoffe im Automobilbau Mannheim Drummer D.

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DesRP mutation results in ultrastructural disruptions and compromise of skeletal muscle biomechanics already at preclinical stages in young mice before the onset of protein aggregation Drexler M.

dissertation thomas müller lkt

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dissertation thomas müller lkt

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Influences on the properties and on the transparency—A review In:

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