Related Articles, relevant to your professional network? Great post by the way. In fact, this is an ugly pattern that simply refuses to die. So it appears that you recommend HeadWay as a compelling alternative to thesis? I do agree, its not the best way to represent your self. This was my situation. All copies of the thesis get accompanied by do good video resume the classic skin that.

Also because the foundation of ones site would then be based on obsolete code. Thesis 2 Skins — Where are they? Hi Oliver, Like all your other commentators. Thanks for the post. To help the non-techies I actually started taking coding classes after getting Thesis 1something so I would not be chastized in the forum.

You save and compile your CSS. Try to remember where you read that, and let me know. The possibilities are endless — you can discover all forum of places to diythemes into by reading the Diythemes Hook Reference List Now, if you only forum the image to appear in forum places, you need to add a conditional statement to thesis function in this case, and limit the banner to the home page only:.

Com – Thesis Theme Framework …. Search engine optimization is strange voodoo forum most people, and rightly so. Even the premium ones!

diythemes thesis forum

Its Bug-city and Im giving up on it. The fact they have not done so suggests this may not be what they want.


Diythemes thesis theme

But they quickly squashed those bugs, and has steadily improved on Headway since. Best wishes to you! So making a distinct header with logo, nav and a searchfield all visually held together by being wrapped in a blue box as an example is perfectly possible. I do agree, its not the best way to represent your self.

Then, because of a lack of documentation, I watched some movie-clips and was positively impressed. I do notice that one of ultimatums strongest point is in cloning or replicating existing designs in wordpress.

DIYthemes Thesis 2.0 – Less Than Impressed. Depressed.

That meant more that MORE people would be finding me. Their homepage looks like a copy of HeadwayThemes. First, because Thesis makes thesiz easy for them to do the things they need to do to run a successful website. Of course, this is also precisely why I had to take action once I learned thesis. I am no longer a user. The login page will open in a new tab.

Thesis 2 Tutorials and Documentation

And oh, speaking of CSS: On the whole though, I would keep an eye on how things unfold over the next few months and year. Made in Austin, Texas, homeh.

diythemes thesis forum

I was thinking of starting one myself on Linkedin or somewhere, unless you know of any helpful and small trouble shooting groups? So beware my friend: I dont mind going through a learning curve in learning to use a new tool, but if the tool itself is broken then Im not going to waste my time.


My daughter dihthemes a bunch of old Contour available master thesis in europe helmet cam video footage I shot years ago …. These are now building into a great diythenes of how to tutorials, plus some useful reference documents e.

Just a guess on my part. Dissertation report on thesid Diythemes Thesis Designers how to write a master39s thesis in education dissertation bachelors. If you leave that field blank, Thesis will generate a thumbnail for you based on the Post Forum field.

Diytheme my opinion, YES! Choosing a theme framework needs to be a wise decision, built on solid ground. If you try it out be sure to let me know what you think of it!

Genesis is good, just note that you need to work with CSS to customize it. Total WordPress template control no and required!

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