By design we mean, give G and H explicitly and verify that they have the required properties. You can ignore these pathologies, however. There are some slight differences when it comes to the inner product and other expressions that, in the real case, involve the transpose operator. The toeplitz command may be helpful. Explain how to find an input sequence u 0 , u 1 ,. You are to do this over T time periods.

Plot the final Gaussian function obtained along with the data on the same plot. Pretending that the wires do run on straight lines seems to give good placements. What kind of goods could have such an elasticity matrix? There is no pattern to the small variations between the matrices; for example, there is no discernable drift; the variations appear to be small and random. And no, you cannot solve this problem by simply running the algorithm from exercise 2. We consider the usual measurement setup:

It is basically the input used in a disk drive to move the head from one track to another, while respecting a maximum possible current in the disk drive motor coil. We describe the topology of the circuit by the fan-out list for each gate, which tells us which other gates the output of a gate connects to. In other words, we have exact convergence to the desired output in T steps.


These issues can be handled using the homeworm of EEa, however. We are only asking you to find the average percentage error for your model; we do not require that your model minimize the average percentage error. You are given some data x1. Homeworks and Handouts Supplementary Reading.

ee homework 3 solutions

Your method should not be complicated or require a long explanation. Briefly discuss the results. The problem is to identify the optimal trade-off curve between C and D, and explain how to find smoothed functions G on the optimal trade-off curve.

You are encouraged to try adjusting the powers by hand, as Bob does, to achieve small e. Give the model parameters a and b 1.

ee263 homework solutions

Note that the edges are oriented, i. Thus the problem title.

Ee263 homework 5 solutions

You can then rewrite your solution in a more compact formula that uses complex matrices and vectors if solutionw like. Give a histogram plot of the amplitude distribution of both y and z.

With each communication link we associate a directed arc, which defines the direction of information flow that we will call positive.

We consider a vehicle that moves in R2 due to an applied force input. Plot the residual the difference between these two signals on a different graph, and give its RMS value. What can you say about the matrix A? This is just so you can see how well your smooth reconstruction method does in recon- structing the original array.


Determine which sensor has failed or if no sensors have failed. Im- plement the Gauss-Newton as outlined in part a above.

ee263 homework solutions

To get a feel for the heating system, we recommend that you try out various powers to see the resulting temperature profile. Not needed to solve the problem. Note that the first inner product involves complex vectors and the second involves real vectors.

In this problem we consider a very simple congestion control protocol. In this problem we explore a simple version.

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They are called complements if they tend to be used together e. You can hpmework your solution algebraically, using any of the concepts used in class e.

This collection of subsets is informative. You are given the photodetector direction vectors q1. Boyd EE homework problems Lecture 2 — Linear functions and examples 2.

The problem is to find forces f 1. Suppose that u and y are scalar-valued discrete-time signals i.

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