I started visiting the library next to my house with my mother when I was 3 years old. But I don’t like him when he steals ladoos from Tun-Tun mausi’s laddu shop because stealing is a bad thing. Bheem likes to eat ladoo made by Tun-Tun Mausi. My Favorite Food My favorite food is cheese sandwich. She is very cute and beautiful. Bheem protects the city from many evils like Keechak, Kirmada, Mangal Singh etc.

But as you know Bheem is not a real character, so we should not imitate him. So send in your cool entries and Pineapple Punch will feature all of them. What is the character of an institution? Chota Bheem is my favourite because of all these qualities. His enemies are Kalia, Dholu and Bholu. I like playing music by Beethoven, Bach and Bollywood music too. He likes laddoos, especially the ones made by Tun Tun aunty.

essay my favourite cartoon character chota bheem

It is celebrated for five days. Riddles Can you crack the code and solve the riddle? We get lots of strawberries at hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.

I Love chotta bheem. And last Kalia Ustad, he is very fat, he always teases ever body.

essay my favourite cartoon character chota bheem

If you stitched it that day then don’t have to too much and waste so much time stitching it today. My favourite cartoon character is Chotta Bheem. Chotta Bheem first appeared chotx Pogo T. He always helps others and he is very good.


Article by Kalyani Kalyani is basically an educationist and presently a home-maker who is fruitfully utilizing her free time in freelancing, online content writing and above all blogging. Shraddha Sunil Jose Status: When in the town there is any problem he always solve it very peacefully.

There are some o’clock tales too in which there are many short stories.

Essay my favourite cartoon character chhota bheem

A personal essay can describe your greatest dream and how you made it reality through brainstorming, consideration of narrative elements and reflection, you dream of buying your first car come true through persistence and frugality. Krishna is a god and so he is very powerful.

She is very beautiful as well as very polite with everybody. She is an environmentalist who strives to protect the environment through the revival of age-old eco-friendly practices. I like this festival very much.

So send in your cool entries and Pineapple Punch will feature all of them.

They take care of us. Simple Paragraph Target Age Group: Now also I like to help everyone like Chota Bheem and because charactre helps everyone I like him very much. Bheem is a very good boy. She helps Bheem very much and she will do all the work in the house. The king of Dholakpur rewards him for his good deeds. Chota Bheem helps everyone in Dholakpur. They are easily understandable by kids in Class 1 and 2. So we preferred to take the buggy.


She had just joined our school and I attended her very first class.

short essay on chhota bheem | Indian Essays

Otherwise friendship cannot be possible. Stars of the week Xartoon R. Bheem is strong, brave and intelligent. The palace is very nice from inside.

We buy a lot of crackers and sweets during this festival. The dog is a domestic animal. Both theories give a very logical explanation to how my personality traits developed.

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