Alfa ZULU you wrote the same thing 2 years ago.. PM okays appointment of 18 ambassadors. PM okays appointment of 18 ambassadors. The Chairman of the All Pakistan Civil Society, Azhar Mir, said that a gathering of such a magnitude could not be ignored and could be dangerous for the government. The Chairman of the All Pakistan Traders Association, Sheikh Muhammad Saddique, said that a majority of the governing and opposition leaders blamed Qadri for finding funding from foreign countries and had criticised his dual nationality, while accusing him of not having a specific agenda. The government has already given in and amended the Law again. The military establishment played its cards well and perhaps gained more than it might have done by pushing the government over the brink.

For instance, the prime minister discovered parliament. Besides, the organisers had not sought any permission for the rally or the sit-in. Meanwhile, the protesters regained their hold on Faizabad. When Pakistan was struck by its worst Tragedy of Peshawar , people in Pakistan were looking for a angry and motivated protest on the streets, had Imran Khan any political maturity rather than copying other models he would have taken people on streets, but he caved in on terrorism and age ain started talking about remarrying at age It threatens to unravel the precarious political balance that exists between Diobandi groups and anti-Shia militant wings.

The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore. A committee headed by Raja Dhrana Haq probed the issue and released a report on the matter which has not yet been made public.

essay on dharna in islamabad

Retrieved from ” https: According to the Metro Bus Authority MBAmore thanpeople used the service to travel between the twin cities daily. British Secretary of State for Foreign jn Commonwealth Affairs Phillipe Hammond further urged political parties to resolve their political differences using democratic institutions.

Long March (Pakistan)

The ongoing dharna, being led by Barailvi clerics without much physical support, for now, from other Sunni outfitsthreatens to create a fissure within the Sunni ranks and their ulema.


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essay on dharna in islamabad

Police had registered an FIR against Rizvi and other participants of the protest under Section of the Pakistan Penal Code, which deals with qatl-bis-sabab unintentional murder. The district administration, meanwhile, was ordered to take all necessary steps inn clear the sit-in by the next morning. Comments 25 Closed Popular Newest Oldest.

How the Islamabad protests happened –

Earlier this week, Justice Shaukat Siddiqui, while hearing a petition submitted by Tehreek-i-Khatm-i-Nabuwwat supporter Allah Wasaya islamaad the same issue, ordered to reverse in the Elections Act all amendments in sections pertaining to the Khatm-i-Nabuwwat oath. The government’s decision to proceed with the negotiation arose from fear that inclement weather would lead to deaths among those picketing the parliament.

However, a meeting between representatives of the protesters and government ministers held at Punjab House was unable to make any breakthrough. The amendment to the Electoral laws regarding the restoration of Khatam e Nabuwat clauses was passed by the Parliament on 18 November. The US ambassador in Pakistan has had official and informal meetings with different political and religious leaders and has expressed concern over the rising chances of anarchy.

Islamabad’s district administration subsequently issued another “final warning” to protesters. The government showed some signs of learning from the close shave it had. The initial goal of the march was to request electoral reforms such as disallowing corrupt incumbents from standing for election and to bring forward the date for the general election due in While both Qadri and Imran Khan often correctly identified the failures of the government and the flaws in the system as a whole, they could not guide the people in their search for credible alternatives.

However, despite such logical and constitutional arguments, the one question that government has remained entirely unable to answer in a satisfactory manner is: It is easy to blame the establishment for every wrongdoing.

A useful debate has also started on the rights of the people whose interests are adversely affected by the protesters or by official measures for dealing with them. They local govt elections should work as political nurseries acting as training and nurturing facilities for them.


He added that Qadri was seen embracing and commending the government’s representatives who he had previously called “former ministers,” while the information minister who had ridiculed Qadri then embraced him.

Long March (Pakistan) – Wikipedia

Sources said that the committee had offered the government the same suggestions that had already been presented by the government to djarna of TLY. Qadri had called for a march of over a million people, but the media reported that the actual number of participants was more than 50, Who deliberated upon it? The court, however, said a similar petition had already been filed in the IHC and advised the TLY to end its protest as the public was being edsay by the sit-in.

essay on dharna in islamabad

Someone must be thrown to the wolves. The Islamabad High Court, the Supreme Court and the heads of various religious parties had repeatedly called on the protesters to disband, calling the protest unlawful as a ban had been vharna on public gatherings in the city, besides which the Democracy and Speech Corner at Islamabad’s Parade Ground had been reserved for such gatherings.

Dharna and operation

Nov 17, dhrna Retrieved 13 August How far will we stretch our luck? Khan also warned the government of another Long March if the Supreme Court’s orders were not implemented. TLY leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi while addressing a press conference at the protest site ordered his followers all over the country to end the sit-ins and go home.

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