He was one of the first Indians to forcefully introduce the values of freedom, equality and fraternity, as proclaimed by the French Revolution, into the Indian way of thinking. They told him that he being from a lower caste should have had the sense to keep away from that ceremony. The boys were generally taught the multiplication table by heart, a little Modi writing and reading, and to recite a few religious pieces. He, after educating his wife, opened the first school for girls in India in August He tried to eliminate the stigma of social Untouchability surrounding the lower castes by opening his house and the use of his water-well to the members of the lower castes. This is just a sample.

They visited the mission school of Madame Farrar, who too lamented that education of women had been sadly neglected in India. The couple was among the first native Indians to open a school for girls of India. Apart from his role as a social activist, Phule was a businessman too. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the first minister of law of Republic India and the architect of Indian Constitution was inspired by his noble work towards humanity. He was against those Brahmins who were using religion and blind faith of masses for their own monetary gains. Satya Shodhak Samaj propounded the spread of rational thinking and rejected the need for a Brahman priestly class as educational and religious leaders. Ethics , humanism , Education ,Social Reformation.

For the Bahujans, the British were better than Bramhin rulers. The establishment of schools for women was the first step towards upliftment of the deprived and downtrodden. He and his wife, Savitribai Phulewere pioneers of women education in India.

Educating women was considered as bad as playing with fire, as it could lead women to cross the boundaries of family decorum and make elders lose their authority.


essay on mahatma jyotirao phule

Please help improve this article by adding citations to joytirao sources. Phule was a member of the Pune municipality from to Earlier we were not allowed to move about freely in the bazaar of Sultekadi; now we can.

His remarkable influence was apparent in fields like education, agriculture, caste system, women and widow upliftment and removal of untouchability.

Essay for Mahatma Phule

This has brought relief and welfare. Haven’t found the Essay You Want? The membership of the samaj included Muslims, Brahmans, and government officials. In eptemberJyotirao, along with his followers, formed the Satya Shodhak Samaj Society of Seekers of Truth with the main objective of liberating the Bahujans, Shudras and Ati-Shudras and protecting them from exploitation and atrocities.

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Caritra Va Kriya Mahatma Phule. How to cite this essay Choose cite format: His akhandas were based on the abhangs of Indian aboriginal saint Tukaram [3] a Moray Shudra. Phule’s akhandas were organically linked to the abhangs of Marathi Varkari saint Tukaram. He decided to open a school for girls, for, if a woman were educated, the home could become a school where the educated jyoitrao could jyorirao her children.

The terminology was later popularised in the s by the Dalit Panthers.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved from ” https: Subharti College of Physiotherapy was formerly named after him Jyotirao Phule physiotherapy college. On 24 SeptemberPhule, along with his followers, formed the Satyashodhak Samaj Society of Seekers of Truth to attain equal rights for people from lower castes.


The Brahmin community ensured that women remained uneducated and illiterate. In later years, another social reformer, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar said as much the same.

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The turning point in his life was inwhen he attended the wedding of a Brahmin friend. He maintained that at the root of all calamities was the blind faith that religious books were created or inspired by god. Phule tried to eliminate the stigma of social Untouchability surrounding the lower castes by opening his house and the use of his water-well to the members of esszy lower castes. Views Read Edit View history.

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Phule concludes that it is untenable to say that religious texts were God-created. Accordingly, when Jotirao returned to Pune, he persuaded his wife to get educated; She did so and later started a school for girls belonging to the lower castes.

essay on mahatma jyotirao phule

Their proficiency in growing and arranging became well known and they adopted the name of Phule flower-man in place of Gorhe. Discoveries, Missionary Expansion and Asian Cultures.

He prospered there but his only son, Shetiba, who was of poor intelligence, subsequently squandered what had been gained. A home is not essay home without a woman in it.

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