So I just called yesterday and I was told that I didn’t make the wait list. Email to check portal. I emailed Linda Z. Assuming rejection at this point, but does anyone know why they won’t notify? I then checked the website to find that I was rejected By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

PS Why does yours say caffeinated and mine says decaf? Rejected via OSU Oracle application system. Any news from OU? Form email to check portal. Didn’t receive an email. Well, this isn’t off to a good start, but I have 8 more on my list.

Over today only past two days past week past month all time.

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Self awareness isn’t intelligence, but it feels that way. Accepted with full funding.

gradcafe mfa creative writing 2013

This one stung, pleasant enough email, but it was a top choice: Hope this year their top choice happily goes elsewhere Finally, it worked out! Application still listed as being in the queue. Posted January 14, Please complete the UM online graduate form, send in application fee, 3 references The program is amazing; congrats to whoever got in.


And the email was quite warm and sincere. Very nice rejection email.

Then mmfa an email stating I was accepted. Then today a rejection from the graduate school “I hope that you will be able to achieve your educational goals in some other manner. Emailed the director and got a reply back that due to small number of slots, most were rejected. Good thing Ohio State was the first school to reply because this is my only acceptance and it has been a long, lonely few weeks.

gradcafe mfa creative writing 2013

Turned out to be good news! First school to let me know. Emailed to ask, and received a form email back.

Creative Writing Graduate School Admission Results

No word yet on funding. I have until March 15 to accept and will do so unless Cornell speaks up. Just wanted to add to the Miami of Ohio questions. Ignore me, sorry, I’m dying.

Poetry Graduate School Admission Results

We wish you well in your future gradcave and sincerely appreciate your interest in The University of Texas at Austin. Well, this isn’t off to a good start, but I have 8 more on my list. Haven’t heard from Brooklyn, Hunter, or Columbia. I’m posting this in response to some comments below.


They forgot to notify me! International, with US degree; I: I haven’t heard anything from Miami and applyweb doesn’t say anything.

Rejected via OSU Oracle application system. What’s your top choice? I’m on the “shot” wait list. I just reached out to someone at the school and they said that if we weren’t notified today, then we are probably waitlisted. Fingers crossed for the waitlist, I guess

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