On 9 April , there was a first leak of the commission’s initial findings to the press, in which Guttenberg was accused of deliberate deception [] Guttenberg’s lawyer sharply criticized the commission’s leaks as an unfair “prejudgment” [] [] [] of his client given that the press reports were published both before the end of the investigation and before the 26 April deadline Guttenberg had been given by the university to respond to the commission’s report before its public release. In November the attorney’s office in Hof dropped [] the charges against Guttenberg after having found 23 relevant copyright violations with only minor economic damage. The district attorney’s office in Hof, Bavaria , announced it would wait on the results of the Bayreuth University’s examination of Guttenberg’s thesis [47] and confirmed that two criminal complaints had been filed against Guttenberg, one regarding possible copyright violations and another on a possible false statutory declaration. However, in contrast to Jung, Guttenberg conceded that the strike had also caused civilian casualties. Marie, Princess of Lobkowicz. The Wall Street Journal.

Guttenberg chose not to pursue the second state examination the equivalent of a bar exam , [11] and focused on running the Munich-based “Guttenberg GmbH” holding [12] where, along with a few employees, he managed his family’s significant assets and various participations. Princess Sophie, Duchess of Arenberg 5. Guttenberg’s doctoral dissertation, “Verfassung und Verfassungsvertrag” “Constitution and Constitutional Treaty” , had been the basis of his Doctorate from the University of Bayreuth. In Spring , he decried an “astonishing leadership vacuum in the world” and demanded that the West, and especially Europe, respond to Moscow’s aggressions with strong political action. The second was immediately declined by the attorney due to apparent insubstantiality.


On February 15, the newspaper contacted law professor Diethelm Klippelthe Bayreuth University ombudsman, and informed him of the plagiarism charges.

Guttenberg-Dissertation: Anfang bei F.A.Z. abgeschrieben – Inland – FAZ

Inafter finishing high school Gymnasium in Rosenheim[7] [8] Guttenberg completed his mandatory military service reaching the rank of Sergeant. Princess Gabriele of Wrede Defence Minister of Germany — Jung, who in the meantime dissrtation assumed the position ritel labor minister in the second Merkel cabinet, took full political responsibility for the delay in sharing relevant Kunduz air strike information and resigned the following day.

Johann, Count of Meran. Es geht dabei um die Ehre. Retrieved 16 July Guttenberg bestreitet Plagiatsvorwurf” in German.

Countess Maria von Rottenhan. Das ergaben Recherchen der F. Guttenberg also repeatedly warned of the looming threat posed to German and European security by Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Served from ; D: Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. Der Wertverlust belastet viele Mitarbeiter. Die Elite-Schule schreibt klar: After an announcement on 6 May[] already citing the conclusions, [] [] the university released the report guttenberh the public on 11 May Christiane, Countess of Eltz Bundesverteidigungsminister Guttenberg hat den Anfang seiner Dissertation aus einem F.

guttenberg dissertation titel

Beitrag per E-Mail versenden Guttenberg-Dissertation: Johann, Count of Meran After the failure of the 20 July plot he was arrested and later executed. Suche Suche Login Logout. Served until V: Guttenberg was born in Munich. Unruhe in der Deutschen Bank: Baroness Ladislaja Mayr von Melnhof.


Guttenberg plagiarism scandal – Wikipedia

However, in contrast to Jung, Guttenberg conceded that the strike had also caused civilian casualties. In earlyGuttenberg decided to push for fundamental Bundeswehr reforms in an effort to address the structural deficits within the German armed forces [] [] and to deal with declining defense budgets.

guttenberg dissertation titel

Media reported on more than 80 charges, which had been filed. This led to an overburdening by the thesis, which further increased during the years, Guttenberg described.

Guttenberg plagiarism scandal

In Maya University of Bayreuth commission tasked with investigating Guttenberg’s dissertation came to the conclusion that Guttenberg had engaged in intentional deception in the writing guttennberg his dissertation, and had violated standards of good academic practice. At the demand of the opposition parties, the Bundestag subsequently established a special investigative committee to shed light on the defense ministry’s communications policy in connection with the Kunduz air strike.

Guttenberg denied any deliberate plagiarism. Countess Maria Anna von Meran She is the daughter of Ludwine, Countess Pejacsevich de Verocze. Doktorvater wendet sich von Guttenberg ab”.

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