Hannibal – for good reason – will forever be one of the greatest generals of the world. Hannibal was not only extremely proficient in military techniques and innovations but he was also excellent in understanding the delicate balance between military and political power. Already in Antiquity, the question whether the capture of Saguntum was a violation of a treaty between Hasdrubal and the Roman Republic was discussed. For more than a year, Fabius policy paid dividends as he strengthened defenses, retained the alliances and by refusing to engage Hannibal in a direct conflict, denied him any opportunity of a victory. Syracuse was betrayed to Marcellus and re-entered the Roman alliance. Rome’s rise from village to empire the eighth century to ,” in N.

The Second Punic War lasted for 16 years, during which Rome hardly ever won a single engagement; however, it maintained its tenacious grip over the empire without collapsing until it gathered sufficient strength to achieve victory Gabriel, Juno’s implacable hostility to the Romans and favour for the Carthaginians became a very familiar theme in later Roman literature, but this nevertheless was the first public acknowledgment of that supposed enmity Feeney , Ogilvie, Cambridge, Camps, G. Even in Syracuse supposedly a staunch Roman ally , the subsequent realignment of Hiero’s successor Hieronymus with Carthage demonstrates a good deal of disillusionment with Rome amongst Sicilian Greeks. Scholars have long recognized the close parallels between this tale and the claim made by the Greek philosopher Euhemerus, whose ideas had been such a key element of Hannibal’s association with Heracles-Melqart, that he had discovered a golden column on an island in the Indian Ocean, inscribed with the most ancient history of the world and particularly of the origins of human- kind, through the earliest Greek gods Brizzi , ; Lance! It is also an interesting read in regards to the Romans of the time. Hannibal and Propaganda Support from the Celtic tribes in Cisalpine Gaul was also extremely impor- tant, particularly as the Carthaginian army would be passing through their territory.

hannibal barca thesis

Other books in the series. In this way, Carthage was compensated for its loss of overseas territories. The object which they were to bring back was a sacred stone of the earth-goddess Cybele whom the Romans called Magna Mater, “the Great Mother”.


But as much effect as he had on his own successes, he had just as much on the Romans, as he forced them to change their strategy, taught them that they should isolate him, and how and when to fight him on the battlefield at selective times. Conveniently, the indigenous Elymians, whose capital was Eryx, also claimed a Trojan ancestry, and their city of Segesta had previously appealed to Rome for intervention precisely on that basis.

The longer the war continued, and the more men’s minds as well as their for- tunes were affected by the alternations of success and failure, so much the more did baca citizens become the victims of superstitions, and those for baeca most part foreign ones. Dodge spares no detail, and begins his book with a lengthy discussion of the history of the military of Rome and of Carthage, detailing their units and formations and how they evolved over the centuries, as well as their arms and examples of their early wars, all sprinkled with much meticulously pronounced Latin.

hannibal barca thesis

Jun 25, Sarahandus rated it did not like it Shelves: Dodge was a retired army officer, and puts a lot of thought into explaining Hannibal’s strategic problems, and his solutions to them many of which were “first-evers” in known history, e. There’s a lot of bias, which is to be expected since it was the norm for barc related material when it was originally written ‘s. InRome was able to take the initiative again and started to cut off Hannibal’s lines of contact.

A bit of a slog. The Romans counterattacked with some 25, hannibla, but their consulGaius Flaminius, was defeated and killed in an ambush between the hills and the Trasimene lake.

Hannibal Barca and the Carthaginian Campaign Essay

The new governor further improved the Carthaginian thesks by diplomatic means, among which was intermarriage between Carthaginians and Iberians. Ihe Praetorship in the Roman Republic, 2 vols. Ilforo romano, 2 vols. Bilancio critico su Roma arcaica fra monarchia e repubblica: Hannibal and Propaganda That these particular representations of Hannibal and his campaign against Rome were written up after his defeat is a theory that has certainly found acceptance with a number of influential scholars, although it is impossible to prove conclusively Meyer; Walbank This was followed by several crushing victories over Roman armies which were hanniabl prepared for the Carthaginian general’s strategic war, his cunning and his power.


Remember me on this computer. There are some immediately obvious correspondences with Hannibal’s Italian expedition. Lee into his vision of Hannibal and not be far from the truth. In the Silenian version, Rome’s famous Palatine Hill was named after Palantho, daughter of Hyperboreos, the eponymous leader of the Hyperboreans, a mythical Northern people. More than 30, of their soldiers died and rest fled to safety, handing Hannibal his first great victory of the campaign.

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There, an ogre named Cacus, who lived in a cave on the Palatine Hill, had attempted to steal a number of the cattle and had been murdered by Heracles. In the hanmibal decades of the first thesie AD Statius and Silius Italicus made much of the enmity that Hercules supposedly felt towards the Carthaginian general Statius, Silvae4. Ricerche, scoperte, progetti, Roma Mouritsen, H. Vie et mort dans la Carthage punique, Tunis Morel, J.

Cartografia antica e spazio odologico, Rome Jenkins, G.

Hannibal Barca and the Carthaginian Campaign Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Hunger and the Sword. Histoire commerce et civilisation des cites chalcidi- ennes du detroit de Messine, Paris Vanotti, G. While it thus seems likely that Hannibal was worshipping Astarte at Avernus or perhaps her divine con- sort Melqartthe Romans perhaps perceived him as attempting to win over Juno to the Carthaginian cause. Therefore, Hannibal endorsed a larger strategy to make the Romans dissipate their strength.

Atti del convegno marzoRoma, Welwei, K. Carcopino, Profils des conquerants, Paris, Barva, I. Roman Republican Coinage, 2 vols. It is easy to guess who was to be the commander of the expeditionary force.

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