Berkeley and Los Angeles Saller, R. Essays and Reflections, Cambridge Waldherr, G. There is so much more in this book. For myself, I learned more, very much more, than I ever wanted to know about the Roman legions. Dodge is a slave to minutia and detail.

His campaign against Rome produced some of the finest military strategy and thinking that ancient world had seen, or for that matter even the modern world has seen. Hannibal and Propaganda The syncretistic Heracles-Melqart was increasingly not confined to Sicily. However, it had learned from the mistakes and instead of attacking Hannibal directly, it played on Fabian strategy of tiring him, denying him an opportunity of waging a direct battle. Numismatique et Histoire economique phenici- ennes et puniques Actes du Colloque To ask other readers questions about Hannibal , please sign up. Problemas en torno al comienzo de la segunda guerra en la Peninsula Iberica,” in Hannibal Pyrenaeum transgreditur: This would mean that in its proper context, the point of the dream was to encourage the Carthaginian army in their efforts to keep moving forward and to master the difficult conditions and terrain that faced them D’Arco ,

Although a number of their accounts of Alexander’s campaigns were written up after his death, many of tesis stories about Alexander, particularly in regard to the divine favor shown to him, were circulated during the war, as a way of encouraging friends and potential allies and demoralizing enemies Spencer Miscellanea di Studi Classici in onore di Eugenio Manni, 3 vols.

Hannibal Barca

Dialogues in history and archaeology, London Jacoby, F. But the expanding Roman interests soon brought Sicily in their purview, leading to direct conflict with Carthage Gabriel, This new sense of insecurity also explains why the Romans willingly carried out the priests’ final recommenda- tion to Fabius, the “sacred spring” Livy How to cite this page Choose cite format: The object which they were to bring back was a sacred stone of the earth-goddess Cybele whom the Romans called Magna Mater, “the Great Mother”.


hannibal barca thesis

Third, there is the focus on Heracles crossing vast rivers and cutting a route through seemingly impenetrable mountains, both themes in the narrative of Hannibal’s march. Introduzione alle guerre puniche, 2nd edn. Self-identification with both Achilles and Heracles had been major themes, with Heracles being utilized to mobilize the Sicilian Greeks against the Carthaginians Pausanias A recent study of the temple of Heracles in the Greek city of Acragas, built around BC, argues that the twin staircases that led up to its attic, a very unusual architec- tural feature, were originally associated with the ritual celestial ascent of deities in Phoenician-Punic religion, as in the egersis.

Sickinger edsGestures. Atti dell’incontro di studi dicembreRoma, Bqrca, D. By the third century BC it had also become popular in Carthage.

However, unknown to him, Hannibal had concealed an elite force of cavalry under the banks of river, who were ready to spring a trap to Roman army. This was a clever move on the part of the Senate: In particular, the long and arduous march to Italy, as well as the fierce resistance that the Romans would undoubtedly put up, meant that reinforce- ments, supplies and bases would be sorely needed on the peninsula and Sicily, if a new front was to be opened up on that island.

Les armies romaines et la conquete de tJHispanie sous la Republique av.

Indeed, one particular example shows him with a lionskin, club, and hunting dog at his feet, in the classic iconography of the hero that had developed in the Greek cities of southern Italy. Kleine Schriften, 2nd edn.: Nonetheless, it is a book worth reading if you enjoy the Punic Wars. At the same time, Eryx had long been sacred to the Punic goddess Astarte and the Greek Aphrodite Schilling At this time, most of the fighting units were primarily composed of tribal mercenaries who only valued chieftains who could lead them to victory and subsequent plunder.


Hannibal by Theodore Ayrault Dodge

Hannibal also needed to guarantee the support of the Punic world, whose enthusiasm for his venture was far from assured. He found an ally in the Numidian king Massinissaand attacked Carthage itself.

Instead, he was given a minor naval command; he was defeated in a naval battle off Side by Rome’s maritime ally Rhodes Yet, because Heracles in the West had become so tied to ongoing Greek colonization, the Heraclean Way itself was always a “work in progress,” forever taking new eccentric detours and doubling back on itself as new settlements and authors staked a claim to this seductive inheritance Piccaluga ; Knapp Text und Kommentar, Darmstadt Ennabli, A.

Staat und Staatlichkeit in der fruhen Republik: Sep 21, Ana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Records show that Hannibal started his crossing with almost 60, men and 37 elephants and by the time he crossed the Alps, only men and horses and 10 elephants were left alive, though barely in fighting condition.

hannibal barca thesis

Return to Book Page. For example, on the second battle of Nola against the Roman, Marcellus, the author does a good job of explaining why it was probably a draw and not a Roman victory. Etruskische Texte, editio minor, Tiibingen Robinson, E.

It simply means that their imperia were a consequence batca a process of cultural homogenization.

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