Your objectives for graduate study: But, obviously, I haven’t read the piece, so it may walk that line quite nicely. Language and Literacy Ed. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the application process, please call Sections of this page.

Please note that the teaching experience must be in the state in which you hold the license. The atypical writing style paired with the prose makes it more like a book or a short story and less like the document it is actually trying to be, an SOP. Interviews Once all applications have been reviewed, HGSE will invite selected applicants to campus for a day of required interviews both individual and group with members of the admissions committee. Human Development and Psychology Please note that the following programs would like you to address additional topics in your Statement of Purpose: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Additional Application Requirements

Interviews will take place, February Try to find a narrative that ties in all your experiences and how coming to HGSE will further your progress towards your goal. Both the copy of your teaching license and your employment verification form should be uploaded in the Employment section of the online application. Change of Address Form. It’s a red flag when the statement is not typed, not well thought out, or an edited statement designed for another school.

I think if you wouldn’t say it to them out loud, you probably don’t want to write it.

hgse personal statement

Read about the program’s emphasis, the nature of the required courses, the work or research of its faculty. Edited November 22, by roguesenna.


Personal statement – HGSE Admissions Blog

Posted November 21, Application Review Process While statwment admissions process is highly selective, it is persoanl personalized, comprehensive, and fair. December 17, at 9: I spent a lot of time dwelling on the fact that my GRE score or some other numerical value on my application would be too low, but you can spend all that time instead crafting your own unique story on your application.

Should I use judiciously some of my writing wit and creativity?

The more you know about the program to which you are applying, the better. The creative version alternates between the two using non-sequiturs in the style of Stuart Dybek, and includes one section where I step out of the essay completely to comment in “real time” about the writing of the essay technique stolen from John Edgar Widemanabout trying to complete a Harvard application in between the peesonal bushfires that spring up daily while running a school and teaching persobal zillion classes.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

hgse personal statement

This form must include the name s of the school s where you have taught as a full-time teacher for at least four years and include the dates of employment. She says that if an essay is too long, or too florid, it pisses her off because she feels its wasting her time.

Your personal statement should be a direct reflection of something meaningful. Harvard University’s policy is to make decisions concerning applicants, students, faculty, and staff on the basis of the individual’s qualifications to contribute to Harvard’s educational objectives and institutional needs. The other version is just more straightforward. How do you envision yourself effecting significant change in the American preK education sector?


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Diversity, Atatement, and Inclusion. As I think about the readings that I have done for my classes and the papers that I am in the process of writing, it is almost funny to see how those very things that I wrote about in my personal statement are the very things that I am learning how to do.

Doctor of Education Leadership Ed.

Statement of Purpose: Telling your story – HGSE Admissions Blog

Centers, Projects and Initiatives. Hopefully these will help: Select people to review your statement. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. For essays to research-based doctoral programs, it’s important to remember the following issues: What are your reasons for graduate study? I just thought the OP was saying that the piece was unusual enough that it might give a committee member a reason to question the writer’s understanding of academic writing.

As professionals with advanced degrees and who were farther along in their career, I found those colleagues to be a great resource when it came to discussing my goals.

hgse personal statement

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