Match the number of the image below with the name of the correct transformation. The power of the turning frame can then be used to drive machinery to saw wood or grind grain. If a cross section intersects a solid parallel to a base, then the cross section has the same shape as the base. DR Animal Body Systems. Give all names that apply. If no triangles can be proved congruent, write neither.

The figure shows a capital letter A with serifs. Find the length of the cord that tethers the balloon. Tell whether this is possible. Find the angle of depression from Lindsey to Pete to the nearest degree. Wells and springs draw water from aquifers. Use the figure for Exercises 9 and A belt attaches to a small bobbin that turns very quickly.

Find the length of the cord that tethers the balloon. The desktop version is 12 inches by 4 inches. X centered at the origin with radius 10 2.

holt geometry lesson 9-6 problem solving geometric probability

If it is true, then somebody is in big trouble. Stuart caught a catfish.

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Write a paragraph proof that the altitude to the base of an isosceles triangle bisects the base. Reflect LMN across line q and then translate it along u u.


The area of a triangle is mand the height is 16 m. Think of the utility pole as a line for these problems.

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Then tell whether it is concave or convex. Use the spinner hoot find the fractional probability of each event. The film projector casts the image on a flat screen as shown in the figure.

Longitude is measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

Geometric Probability – ppt video online download

Draw a block letter T in two-point perspective. An angle measures 12 degrees less than three times its supplement.

The Coast Guard has sent a rescue helicopter to retrieve passengers off a disabled ship. The second platform is 7 feet 6 inches above the first platform. A compass has a drawing leg, a pivot leg, and a hinge at the angle between the legs. Draw two lines of reflection that produce an equivalent transformation for each figure.

holt geometry lesson 9-6 problem solving geometric probability

Draw an isometric view of the object in Exercise 1. The angle measures of a triangle are in the ratio 3: Find the distance and direction Becky could have walked to get straight to the site. Chapter 1 algebraic expression Associative Property Commutative.


Two medians of a triangle were cut apart at the centroid to make the four segments shown below. Find the angle measures of the triangle. Order of Operations Puzzle. Write the location of Roanoke, VA, as a hlt to the nearest thousandths of a degree. If not, tell what additional information is needed to make it valid.

Renaldo could travel between miles and 15, miles. Find the length of the shadow of the second platform in feet and inches to the nearest inch.

Holt Geometry

Then identify the transformation. To draw a smaller-diameter circle, the measure of the hinge angle must be made smaller. Both diagonals are multiplied by 5. Write a flowchart proof.

Give all names that apply.

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