When they complete their general education requirements they continue on to take honors designated courses in their academic majors, and complete their degrees with a Senior Capstone Project. A statement of the methodology or the significance of the medium if appropriate. Three courses from the Honors Core lower division. The professor is solely responsible for the thesis grade, which is submitted to the Honors office. The Capstone carries 3 graded credit hours. A faculty advisor must approve the project and monitor its progress.

The Senior Capstone may be any one of the following: You may also wish to consult one of the following published style manuals. The course operates as a workshop that uses student proposals and drafts to discuss effective research approaches and thesis writing. Setting the bottom margin as described here will automatically result in the distance between the last line and the page number being 0. The mission of the New Mexico State University Honors College is to serve the citizens and state of New Mexico by providing an enriching environment for diverse, academically talented and motivated students. Sophomores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.

The Honors College faculty come from academic departments from throughout the university. The Honors Faculty The Honors College faculty come from academic departments from throughout the university. It is a place where honors students live among a community of excellent students with outstanding academic records and who are interested in getting the most out of the academic opportunities offered to them at a mnsu research institution.

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Click here to see the degree maps we have so far! Before adopting a style guide, check with your thesis advisor. Students who do not have the flexibility to complete University Honors may still graduate with an Honors Certificate.


The Service Learning Project must be more than simply a certain number of hours volunteered to an agency. International Nmeu Option Students in the Honors College are strongly encouraged to participate in an international experience. The Honors College does not offer a degree instead, it offers students the opportunity to graduate with various levels of honors distinction described below.

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The proposal needs to contain a clear delineation of a research topic and a concise outline of the research methodology mnsu approach. It is appropriate to consult one of the styles manuals published by professional societies in your field.

The instructor in Honors is a technical advisor to the process.

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Both the supervising professor and the Honors Director must approve the proposal. You should contact the New Library reference desk to discuss how a reference librarian can assist you in locating and accessing information pertinent to your research.

The student should have a specific topic in mind before conferring with the professor. Detailed statement of the problem you propose to investigate. In support of this mission, the Honors College integrates the honor objectives: International Study Option Students in the Honors College are encouraged to participate in international study. The student must also certify that the community service hours are not being used for any course or degree requirement.

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To be eligible for the Crimson Scholars Program, applicants must be degree seeking. Honors Certificate Program Sophomores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. You should discuss the protocols of proposal writing in your field with faculty members in that discipline.

Your work with these students is greatly appreciated. Community service hours must be verified by a supervisor of the agency or organization on a form approved by the Honors College.


honors thesis nmsu

Honors Contract — An Honors Contract is a mechanism for adding an “honors dimension” to a course that is not listed as an honors course HON prefix. These are the students who come through our Honors College and graduate as visionaries who will make a difference in the world.

Waiver of university honors credit for service learning or international study does not reduce or otherwise affect the total number of credit hours required for graduation, nor can it be applied toward the Senior Capstone Requirement. They are expected to seek ways of improving the lives of others and make the following commitments:. Our Honors College is the oldest in New Mexico, and is a nurturing liberal arts college embedded within the bigger university. The professor is solely responsible for the thesis grade, which is submitted to the Honors office.

The goals of the Honors Living and Learning Community are to:. The Honors College also seeks to create a community of scholars and mentors that fosters personal growth, critical thinking, leadership, independence, curiosity and social responsibility.

Intellectual curiosity and achievement Mental agility to handle the unexpected and to solve problems Questing spirit, the will to pursue the greater challenge and to take risks Moral character, i. Nevertheless, like other thesis proposals, arts proposals should contain a clear statement of the project, a plan for its development, and a tentative plan for the exhibition, reading, or performance of the thesis.

To have these courses count toward one of these programs, a student must earn at least a B.

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