Is the funding offer good enough? Contact the professors you would like to work with. Positive Psychology I was quite worried about the workload of this module.. Posted by crazerk at Conference publications are generally good enough. You might consider turning down an offer in order to re-apply next year to get into your top choice, but this can be risky. The topics itself made readings a lot easier to go through.

I think I have some misconceptions regarding the thesis in that I thought that 1. If you still need more info especially about personal statements, research experience, choosing an advisor, interviews feel free to contact me. It is best to contact these programmes individually and see what can be done to offset this. Do they publish regularly with students? You can also view your thesis comments by the 2 markers one is your prof and the other is an anonymous prof at a certain website which will be sent to you through your email.

Yes, I had the privilege of a pretty cooperative thwsis helpful prof, which helped in making everything more efficient and allowing me to complete the thesis earlier.

Actually I think I started working on the intro from the time I settled the topic with my prof during the break before year 3 sem2.

honours thesis psychology nus

I would recommend joining small nux so that you get more work to do, rather than being a small fry at a big lab doing grunt work. Online channels have revamped the methodology in education where aspirants can access knowledge from any part of the globe.

Nus Honours Thesis Psychology

Email turnaround is really important especially when you are panicking over one major problem and you need some professor-input, or when you’re trying to arrange meetings, etc – Working style: Most, if not all, outside sources of funding come with bonds. Research and relevant fhesis. You should ask your supervisors for more responsibilities, such as compiling literature reviews or doing statistical analyses. When you write a thesis, it’s up to you to plan your time and how fast you want to do things.


Yr 4 Sem 2: Psychology Program Comparison Between Local Hence the universities of which psychology programs are included in this list are: Some labs produce students who go on to work mainly in industry, while others remain in academia.

Association version 6 style.

NUS Module Review: Yr 4 Sem 2 (2016/17)

The Programme provides students an opportunity to participate, as well as observe on-going research in the department. I use dissertation proofreading for my thesis last time For example, one POI told me that the division had fewer slots that year as more slots were given to new faculty from other divisions thssis after I submitted my application.

I am an undergraduate who is passionate about research. September Finalize your CV.

this is alan’s blog: Should I write an Honors Thesis? (PL)

Joint 1st place in a national competition for the best Masters or Honours thesis on peace-related topics Undergraduate Honours Thesis Department of Psychology Undergraduate Honours Honiurs in Psychology. Romilda Gareth 29 June at You don’t really want someone to spoonfeed you everything, thesks you need someone who is willing to help when you need it. This was a very daunting and difficult first step into thesis. Remember, you will be spending at least 5 years there.

Some programmes offer transport reimbursements for on-site interviews, but these might be insufficient.


honours thesis psychology nus

Tyesis hard to give a ballpark figure, but my final thesis draft had 88 citations – this figure of course does not include articles which I have browsed but didn’t use. How much reading do you have to do? Yet I still somewhat enjoyed dealing with numbers and stats jargons more so than having lsychology wake up early and head down to IMH to collect data. Talk to your professors and get their opinions!

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Do this psychologt late October so that they have enough time to write a strong letter. The really bad ones can take anywhere from 3 days to a week to reply and email, and even when they do it’s pretty vague. Each draft took maybe a week at most to read – a really quick turnaround. Some US schools have a mandatory teaching requirement for graduation. Since a PhD is about research, having prior experience with research is definitely a plus as this will show the admissions committee that you have an idea of what research entails and that you have the necessary skills to hit the ground running instead of wasting time learning how to use SPSS etc.

October Ask your professors for LORs. You would need to already have a honourw topic in mind, and some schools most notably Oxbridge require you to submit a research proposal at the time of application. How do I apply to graduate school? January March

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