Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Besides, when the victims are the Malay Muslims, the constabulary and the instruction section travel full steam in arresting, motivating and throw outing the Indian hapless pupils. All the attempt of mainstream media evidently fit the Magic Bullet Theory i. So why were we not engaging ourselves in a Malay conversation? If the usage of English is to be looked down upon simply due to cultural reverence for the Malay language, how will we fare in an increasingly globalised world where your level of English determines the success in your career?

Based on Social Responsibility Theory, media have the responsible and duty to function the public goods. Mainstream media is disseminated via the largest distribution channels. My German friend could not help but to ask us why the national language was not used. They aware that mainstream media are a powerful platform to circulate the 1Malaysia Concept among citizens. The only opportunity for integration was among students in English medium schools established in towns Marimuthu,

As a follow-up, Rahman Talib Report recommended retaining a single schooling system for all pupils with the same school curriculum using Malay language as medium of instruction.

Education for unity jow Malaya: Impact of Educational Reports on National Unity in Schools Past and present educational reports have highlighted the needs for curriculum standardization, use of common medium of instruction, employing teachers of all races, using multi-cultural Malaysian context in curriculum and bringing all students together to share common classroom so as to increase openness, interaction and understanding among them.

Siapera opined that it is without doubt that the media is an important tool which ensures diverse cultures in a country are equally represented without neglecting the universal and common values practised by everyone.

Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Media should reflect the diverseness of the civilization they represent. There are several suggestions on how we are going to promote unity and tolerance among Malaysians.


Has 1Malaysia concept being embraced by all Malaysians when through its acceptance, Malaysia has the potential to be more developed and confept economically, politically and socially?

Does speaking English make me any less of a Malaysian? Besides, within the procedure of promote 1Malaysia Concept, it besides take the opportunity to motivate citizens to back up Barison Nasional as all the attempts are belong cocept party.

This has created generations of Malaysians communicating and learning using the same language.

Government Used Mainstream Media To Promote 1malaysia Concept Marketing Essay

And in this shiny new millennium, are we going to stay as the citizens of Malaysia or will we become citizens of the world? Harmonizing to Prime Minister, there is no limitation in utilizing the logo of 1Malaysia every bit long as they must be of quality, present positive characteristics and registered with the Registrar of Companies if the 1Malaysia is to be used as a company name.

I am still the biggest fan of Malaysian food and I am still a holder of MyKad, which legally certifies my nationality. Tolerance Among Malaysian send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

Tolerance Among Malaysian Essay

Furthermore, publicizing besides plays an of import function in advancing 1Malayisia Concept. Therefore, the realisation of the concept may be the way forward for Malaysia to reinvent itself as a progressive nation at the dawn of the 21st century.

Therefore, according to them, teachers must be good role models and have the right attitude towards their students. Department of Statistics Consensus. Annual report Executive Summary. Just a few years ago, Science and Mathematics were being taught in English.

Poverty, ethnic disparity in economic participation and wealth distribution had emerged as the primary causes of racial tensions and social political instability Syed Husin Ali, Percetakan Dewan Bahasa dan Pusaka. All these criteria which were absent in pre-independent Prromote have now been implemented in national schools.


And then it hit me, that in Thailand, locals speak Thai every day on almost every occasion. The intelligence of 1Malaysia Concept is normally study in positive manner. The citizens non clear or have no thought from the beginning with the 1Malaysia Concept until be good accepted at the last due to the mainstream media keep publicise the intelligence esssay advancement of 1Malaysia.

how to promote 1malaysia concept essay

conccept How about make t original? The concept stresses on the acceptance and inclusion of other cultures within the Malaysian realm and unity is vital for a country with plural society like Malaysia. As part of co-curriculum activities, sports and games, uniformed bodies, clubs and societies help students to interact with each other; speech day, field trips, sports carnivals, fund raising events are designed to draw out involvement from all students to socialise together Nagendralingan, As Hazri Jamil and Santhiram Rahman suggested, the past assumption that the main method for national integration is the educational policy has been over simplistic.

Pendidikan sebagai suatu proses: Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools Essay Essay Topic: Based on Social Responsibility Theory, media have the responsible and duty cobcept function the public goods. In order to advance 1Malaysia comprehensively, the logo of 1Malaysia has been created with the figure of figure one and the Malaysia flag. Malaysia is well-known as a multi racial country that has variety of races conceot as Malays, Chinese and Indians with many types of religions and its own cultures.

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how to promote 1malaysia concept essay

Respondent 02 interpreted it as what makes students employable after finishing their secondary or tertiary education.

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