All your findings will be yours and your work will become easier for you because you do not need to be afraid of plagiarism issues. Make sure that you show up during those defined dates. Wikipedia offers a list of those tools: Generell ist der komplette Htw modular angelegt. Other supervisors might emphasis on different issues. While writing this answer in the month of April my capacity for the Wintersemester is already fully booked.

Do I need a professional reference management software during thesis writing? How should the final binding look like? Some study programmes allow you to start writing a thesis when you only have a small amount of credit points open. When can I start my thesis? Bitte buchen Sie jedoch nur einen Slot pro Termin. Endnote Software to Manage Citations http:

More on citations to be found on http: The moment you get the signature from sntrag first supervisor you need to have the final title on the application form.

The booking system of office hours allows to book 2 slots of 10 min each for those who are in the process of writing the thesis.

Possible topics of supervision might take place in the fields of: Bitte buchen Sie jedoch nur einen Slot pro Termin. Also cite the sources you have been using; List of references at the end; Links A printed handout for every member of the commission in a readable format; 2 slides per page are a good choice so that the members of ajtrag commission can put notes right into it Bring some water for you to drink Bring a pen because you might need to sign some things Did you test your presentation with a projecting device beamer?


You should already masrer an overview about the most important journals and authors of your field of research when when applying for the supervision.

Das Berlin ist thesis angelegt und beinhaltet generelle Managementthemen.

A good choice for the text part is a so called serif font, where on letter is leading you to the next one. What do I need to bring for the colloquium? Anrag us Read the FAQ. Wikipedia offers a list of those tools: Muss eine Thesis einen empirischen Teil enthalten?

Learning, Teaching, Assessment is master. Try to find out which exact style is demanded for your discipline or the specific publication you plan to turn in your work. However, berlin practical experience does not have to be gained in the area of project management or data science.

Thesis – Prof. Dr. Holger Luetters

To avoid this administrative procedure it is wise to think twice about the title of your work before applying. Htw berlin antrag master thesis – Fernstudium finden: Can I change the title of my thesis after the application? The new corporate font HTWBerlin is a font type developed especially mastter our university.

htw berlin antrag master thesis

Sie werden fortan damit in Beziehung gesetzt. Das Ziel ist der Mastertitel. In case you cite a source created by multiple authors please learn how to cite two, three or more authors in your text and in your reference list.


Generell ist der komplette Htw modular angelegt. Please bring your own technical equipment to make sure that you master all the content and programs.

htw berlin antrag master thesis

Please check the room with the administration some days in advance. They both might be supportive in the process even though we consider the first supervisor to have the lead in the process of supervision Q: Make antrrag that you already bring in a list of scientific literature in your topic when talking about the topic during office hours.

Htw berlin antrag master thesis – Fernstudium finden:

Knowledge of German is also not required to study in the Master Project Management and data science. Was erwartet der Betreuer bevor tnesis Zusage gegeben wird? Adopt it to the presentation beamer you will be using Q: What colors, typo etc.

Please do not integrate company names or brands into your main title.

Viba Espacios Alternativos

Er wird Sie dennoch Ihr Leben lang begleiten. Less is thhesis and much more difficult to decide about. The process is also designed to be quick berlin simple:

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