The resulting data streams provide an unprecedented view of hydrochemical dynamics on the catchment scale. Weerts Supply Chain N. Feed-forward vs recurrent neural network models for non-stationarity modelling using data assimilation and adaptivity, Hydrolog. We present an empirical study of the rates of increase in precipitation intensity with air temperature using high-resolution 10 min precipitation records in Switzerland. Implications for spring flood hydrograph separation, Water Resour.

The knowledge acquired from the efforts described in Chapter 5 and 6 were applied in a cohort of retrospectively selected breast and colon cancer patients to explore the feasibility of tumour-specific mtDNA variant detection in cfDNA as a cancer biomarker Chapter 7. The music of nature. Time-variable transit time distributions and transport: We found that the main contribution to the total flow variability originates from the natural climate variability. Spatial variability in the isotopic composition of rainfall in a small headwater catchment and its effect on hydrograph separation, J. Based on a detailed analysis of the variable behavior of isotopic and chemical tracers in stream water and precipitation over a 4-week period, we developed a conceptual hypothesis for runoff generation in the studied catchment. Evolutionary multiobjective optimization in water resources:

Time-varying storage-water age relationships in a catchment with a Mediterranean climate, Water Resour. First, by quantification of the number of mtDNA molecules per cell in primary tumours we explored the association with established clinicopathological biomarkers Chapter 2 and 3and investigated the prognostic Chapter 2 and predictive Chapter 3 potential of mtDNA content dlssertation patients with breast cancer. These models can be used for river basin areal rainfall forecast and water resources and power generation planning for climate uncertainty.

hubert weerts dissertation

From a classification of river discharge, the effective or dominant discharge is the one whose class corresponds to the maximum sediment supply. Estimating weedts evapotranspiration, T. Catchment mixing processes and travel time distributions, Water Resour. We also simulate using a realistic river network to highlight the effects of scale.


RePub, Erasmus University Repository: Mitochondrial DNA as a Breast Cancer Biomarker

Stassen a e J. A review and evaluation of catchment transit time modeling, J.

Ilja van Meerveld, James W. Such tracer-aided models enhance our understanding of the hydrological connectivity between different landscape units and the mixing processes between various flow sources. Effects dissertatoon climate change could have on the Tajo—Segura transfer are evaluated. We developed a lecture theatre experiment including some student involvement to illustrate the principles behind this modelling technique.

hubert weerts dissertation

A lab in the field: Implications for spring flood hydrograph separation, Water Resour. Studying catchment storm response using event- and pre-event-water volumes as fractions of precipitation rather than discharge, Hydrol. Evapotranspiration ET rates and the properties regulating them are spatially heterogeneous hjbert scales much smaller than typical Earth System Models ESMs grid cells.

When estimating the rarity diswertation regional events, the dependence of floods at different locations should be taken into account. The effects of deforestation and climate variability on the streamflow of the Araguaia River, Brazil, Biogeochemistry,—, https: Trend detection in seasonal data: Low-flow events are little dynamic hugert space and time.

Jain, Jingjing Li, and Hua Chen. The study also highlights the potential of distributed modelling and spatial observations in hydrology, especially in dealing with equifinality issues.

Mitochondrial DNA as a Breast Cancer Biomarker

However, quantitative evaluation of the gap-filled data accuracy is not available. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. Age-ranked hydrological budgets and a travel time description of catchment hydrology, Hydrol. Numerical Recipes in C: Chemical studies of chloride and stable oxygen isotopes in 2 conifer afforested and moorland sites in the British uplands, J.


Hubert Weerts Dissertation

Changes of TPQ and sediment fluxes in a semi-arid basin little affected by human activities dissrrtation analyzed from 40 years of measurements. However, I also show that these cycles can be used to reliably estimate the fraction of “young” water in streamflow, meaning water that fell as precipitation less than roughly 2—3 months ago.

These dynamics should be included when modeling solute or pollutant transport. We developed 60 modelling chain combinations based on either experimentalists’ bottom-up or modellers’ top-down thinking and forced them with data of increasing accuracy.

hubert weerts dissertation

We implemented a multi-method approach and found that melt contribution varies considerably and may drive streamflow variability at hourly to multi-year timescales, rather than buffer it, as commonly thought.

Results showed that the differences in performance arising from the forcing data were due to compensation effects.

In this study we assess whether such relationships exist and whether they can be applied to predict future low flow within regional climate change impact assessment in the northwestern part of Germany. The flow hibert shifted from perennial to intermittent.

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