Det latinske ordet for engelsk. So my conclusion of what is most typical of the British society it is the madness fore football, but also the love fore customs that they have and to be socialized with others the pub. Den anglikanske kirke verden over: The well known English breakfast is also an old custom, we all have heard about the English breakfast with egg and bacon and the school lunches that is nutritious so the school kids learn better. In England it is pubs every where. The Romans liked things that had an exotic taste and good quality.

But how shaped England to have we know it today? Every bit of Britain is classy. We might want to have more of things, but we do not fancy change. Tror du vil hjelpe mange med denne siden.. Stoltenberg also said that no one could ever stop us from being Norwegian.

As long as we do not become nationalistic, patriotic and chauvinistic I think it is kjennetegnsr to be proud of Norway. How brought with them the fine architecture and the good and exotic food.

While Bush focused on how America and their allies could win the war, Stoltenberg focused more on taking care of those who were affected by the terror.

Hva er typisk for britene? –

Henrik mente at sitt ekteskap med Catherine av Aragon var ugyldig, fordi hun ikke kunne gi han en tronarving. I hope we can hold on to these values in the future. Det er ca 70 millioner anglikanere rundt om i verden. We have our own kind of bread, like most nations have.


hva kjennetegner essay og kåseri

Rudi Andre Monsen Nilsen Stoltenberg also said that no one could ever stop us from being Norwegian. Den anglikanske kirke verden over: Tror du vil hjelpe mange med denne siden. We act with consideration and kjennrtegner, and we like to talk instead of fight.

hva kjennetegner essay og kåseri

The British people have a fine language; the language is floating in a way so it sounds really polite. At the same time I think it is important that we do not get too comfortable in our own little corner of the globe. People go there when they want to discus things, have a drink or watch football.

We have to try so hard to find meaning in life that maybe it is just too hard for someone. We can never know if and when a new attack is coming, and we also have a responsibility when we meddle in international politics.

It is said that Norwegians are rude but friendly, not very extroverted and likes talking better than action. Peace, caring, democracy and roses instead of war and revenge. But have we ever had anything typical about us? In the modern times it is hard to say what is typically Norwegian.

Dronning Maud var kirketilhenger der. I Norge har anglikanerne menigheter i Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger og Trondheim, mens gudstjenester holdes flere steder.


Den anglikanske kirke

Is Ola and Kari blonde, blue-eyed peace loving people who eat lefse with brunostgoes to church every Sunday and enjoys hiking and skiing? Or could it just as well be Ahmed and Raja, who wears turbans and hijabs, smells like garlic and other strong spices and goes to the mosque? Ellers takk for hjelpen! Because the British society have their own stile, they have a way of making things fit together, if you what I mean. I wonder if this has any connection to the fact that we struggle with high numbers of suicide and deaths by overdose.

Norwegians love their coffee and painkillers. Den anglikanske kirken i Norge: The Romans liked things that had an exotic taste and good quality.

Besvarelse fra tentamen i engelsk som handler om hva som er typisk for britene.

hva kjennetegner essay og kåseri

Maybe we can say that we are a nation of peacemakers. Da ble det et greit prosjekt til slutt!

The pubs activities are pool dart and watch TV. The pubs are a meeting place fore most people. We are a multinational country with inhabitants from all over the world.

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