Sign in to use this feature. Enhanced Vigilance in Guided Meditation: What is the state-of-the-art on lucid dreaming? Altered States of Consciousness. The first thinks that there is no particular relationship between dreaming and REM sleep often this is related to neurocognitive theories of dreaming , and the second emphasizes the connection between dreaming and REM sleep, but allows that occasionally, there are exceptions of dreams occurring outside of REM sleep as well. Sign in Create an account. Philosophical Review , 85 2 , —

Scientific sleep and dream research are now producing a steady stream of empirical data, and it stands to reason that this research will have a profound impact on scientific and philosophical theories of consciousness and the self. A better way to think of the problems associated with dream analysis might be to consider studies of handedness that dwell on such side-shows as heredity vs. In Dreaming , I integrate results from scientific sleep and dream research with theoretical-conceptual considerations from philosophy of mind and cognitive science to work towards a new, comprehensive framework for describing dreaming. What is the state-of-the-art on lucid dreaming? What happens to the experiential subject during the dream state? How and What Do We Measure?

Perspectives from philosophy and the study of dreaming; 3-hour tutorial, together with Sascha Diasertation, at the 17th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness in San Diego, USA Prospects for an experimental philosophy of mind: Mind and Language24 1— This entry has no external links.


This development threatened to dethrone subjective dream reports, which so far had been the sole arbiter of whether a dream had been experienced or not.

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Cognitive and emotional processes during dreaming: The self in dreams. The sleep of others and the transformations of jenjifer research. Hughes – – Anthropology of Consciousness 5 2: Mechthild Dreyer PD Dr. The Imaginations of Them That Sleep? If so, dream reports would be virtually worthless for the study of dreaming.

For instance, Voss et al. Why not to be skeptical about dream reports. But that just brings us back to the original question. No keywords specified fix it.

(Re-)mapping the concept of dreaming

Given those differences in backgrounds, the discourse of some issues might seem to some perfunctory-to-superficial, while to others overly detailed. Altered Consciousness in Philosophy. In much the same way that Lincoln joked about “homeopathic soup Altered States of Consciousness.

By way of analogy, if you wanted to understand the text on [a printed] page, you could analyze the words by submitting their contents to an inorganic chemist, who could ascertain the precise molecular composition of the ink. But both before and after these paradigmatic shifts, dream theories, and with them the concepts of sleep and dreaming, underwent various adjustments and refinements. The philosophy of dreaming and self-consciousness: Yet no amount of chemical analysis could help you understand what these words mean, let alone what they mean in the context of the other words on the page.


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Westport, CT and London: Jakub Jonkisz – – Filozofia Nauki 20 2. On the importance of 19th century dream research: This is the claim that the analysis of self-experience in dreams is the key towards a more comprehensive theory of dreaming, but can also inform disserration theories of self-consciousness.

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States of Consciousness in Philosophy of Cognitive Science categorize this paper. Consciousness, dreams, and virtual realities. Also, while early dream researchers tended to identify dreaming and REM sleep, most contemporary researchers allow that dreams can occur in all stages of sleep.

jennifer windt dissertation

The relation of eye movements during sleep to dream activity: Or, to vary the metaphor, you find yourself, for a single instant, wide awake in that realm of illusions, whither sleep has been the passport, and behold its ghostly inhabitants and wondrous scenery, with a jennifdr of their strangeness, such as you never attain while the dream is undisturbed.

Or perhaps, these insights can even be used to experimentally manipulate our dreams as they unfold.

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