Browse aloud Site map. Roles of redox proteins, iron homeostasis and multikinase inhibition. A genuine teamwork enabled the project Models for skine effect for modeling of future generations’ power semiconductor modules. Assessment of patients with symptoms suggestive of acute coronary syndrome – The use of high sensitive cardiac troponin T and a risk score. With the help of new technology, great progress has already been made in energy efficiency of power electronic applications.

Addressing cardiovascular risk factors and therapy effects in rheumatoid arthritis: Fourth, the calculation of the three- dimensional node coefficients of potential is addressed and three novel approaches are presented and evaluated in terms of speed and accuracy. Tissue Regulation of Dendritic Cells: Role of the mitochondrial iron transporter gene ABCB7. On HIV-1 restriction in human dendritic cells and peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The electromagnetic model will be synthesized into a circuit description that correctly describes the package both in frequency and time domain.

Mast cell activation disorders: The mutational landscape and microenvironment in eissertation syndromes with deletion of chromosome 5q. Main supervisor was Adnande Achour, associate professor and co-supervisor was Anna-Lena Spetz, associate professor. The model will support the design process by accelerating and optimizing it.

OATD: Jonas Ekman – Electromagnetic modeling using the partial element equivalent circuit method

Department of Medicine, Huddinge. Relevance for insulin release and Type 2 Diabetes Triggers of autoimmunity.


Pathophysiological aspects of Type 2 diabetes Heritability of blood pressure: Focusing on involvement of PCSK9. The latter problem is a pure mathematical problem with continuous uonas while the partial coefficient calculations require further research. Below you can see who defended recently.

The PEEC group gets project grants from the Swedish Research Council

Opponent was Professor Todd A. This thesis proposes several techniques for efficient partial element calculations. Neutrophil interactions with Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus aureus.

jonas ekman dissertation

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Assessment of patients with symptoms suggestive of acute coronary syndrome – The use of high sensitive cardiac troponin T and a risk score. Studies on PCSK9 in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism. Expansion and genetic modification of human natural killer cells for adoptive immunotherapy of cancer.

Carl Ekman, MD, PhD

Influenza specific T- and B-cell responses in immunosuppressed patients. Aspects on endoscopic characterization and clinical management of Barrett’s esophagus. The regulatory role of microRNA in monas adipocytes and their dissegtation to insulin resistance.

Host – Pathogen Interactions and Strengthening Vaccines. This model extension allows the use of nonorthogonal volume and surface cells in the discretization of objects. Opponent was Jolanda M. Browse aloud Site map. Molecular basis for enhanced T-cell recognition and cross-reactivity.


jonas ekman dissertation

The new semiconductor components and its new packaging technology require new analysis and modeling techniques as support, says Jonas Ekman. Long-term clinical, histological and virological outcomes after sustained virologic response in patients with chronic hepatitis C.

jonas ekman dissertation

This website uses cookies to give you a better experience. International EMC regulations bounds companies that develop or assemble electric products to market products that are electromagnetic compatible with other products in their environment.

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The thesis includes a paper dealing with nonorthogonal PEEC models. Innate immune responses in vivo after antigen administration — Implications for vaccine development. A battle between host ekmann pathogen: Studies of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction to define protective mechanisms in asthma. New innovations to support self-care in persons with heart failure.

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