His relationship to the Escapist is purely business. Joe suffers from survivor guilt during the three years he is first living and working in New York City. Why Chabon has chosen to sprinkle the text with contemporary insight is ultimately unclear. He knows he can no longer reach his mother and grandfather, and now his father and brother are dead. When someone got punched in a Jack Kirby comic, they came flying out of the panel. It is October , a year later. The idea of collaboration was always at the heart of comics—another thing I really wanted to write about in this novel.

Would you consider Sam and Joe heroes? This denial nearly destroys Sammy’s spirit; when he and Joe are reunited after twelve years, Joe describes Sammy as haggard. Sammy will not admit that he is in love with Bacon, but he believes his affection to be reciprocated. Some argue that Sammy is Joe’s sidekick, but that interpretation does not work. He goes to his former mentor, the retired performing escapist Bernhard Kornblum, for help.

Bacon is gone from this world, but Sammy is finally cllay to pick up where he left off and move to Hollywood. Grady Tripp had a very different experience than mine in that I did finish Fountain City a number of times, over and over. But on the whole Chabon has produced a great and very American novel, which feels both intimate and worldly.

In a bravura section beginning on cly 74, Chabon’s narrator describes the early history and aesthetics of comic books with a kind of learned enthusiasm not unlike that found in Melville’s discussion of whale facts and statistics in the “cetology” chapter of Moby Dick.

What do comic books mean to Joe, Sam and the other teenage artists they represent? He could be a Martian, he could be a ghost, he could be a god or a demon or a wizard or monster.


Joe and Thomas’s near drowning in the River Moldau foreshadows Thomas’s death by drowning six years later. Oh, I could decoct a brew of other, more impressive motivations and explanations.

Discussion Questions: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

He was poorly educated—self-educated in the way that a lot of New York kids tended to be in this period, and the way that Sam Clay is in my book.

All the principal characters and their dilemmas are drawn into this slightly absurd hoax, which, as it turns out, must be taken seriously. They are also raising a son—one who loves comics and skips school too often, despite his guardians’ best efforts. Whatever has come before, he is undeniably happy with Sammy. They have to develop a superhero character and a twelve-page story in three days.

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It’s still a best-seller, but Kavalier and Clay have ceased their affiliation with The Escapist. I didn’t notice them until I sat down with a first draft and read through it. The Rwandan genocide involved two ethnic groups, the displaced Tutsis and the government-leading Hutus. Businesses had to check their software to make sure that it was compliant with a rollover to the yearresulting in costly upgrades and overhauls.

kavalier and clay essay topics

A well-crafted essay is probably one of the most difficult things to write. He stays up all night thinking about it, borrowing the Studebaker to drive around in the early morning. Kirby was young when he started in comics—about Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Rosa is painting a mural for Thomas and learns that his ship has been lost at sea when she walks to the corner store.


To lcay, like the Escapist, free of the entangling chain of reality and the straitjacket of physical laws. When someone got punched in a Jack Kirby comic, they came flying out of the panel. Kornblum agrees so long as Josef will go by way of Lithuania. I think about essays constantly.

Later, Adjutant Milde tells Joe that his father has died from pneumonia.

Harkoo is cheerful, quirky, and supportive of his daughter and her friends. I’m going to get us into the big money. In a similar gesture at acknowledging the “pastness” of the European Jewish past and yet seeking to recall it into memory, Chabon has the long-lost casket of the Golem reappear in Josef’s life at the very end of the novel. Anc trying to leave Czechoslovakia, Josef is sent back to Prague on a paperwork technicality.

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The stories published by Empire Comics thereafter shift from warfare to everyday heroics and employ a radical new use of layout. It’s much harder to blow a novel.

kavalier and clay essay topics

His voice, particularly in this passage, reminds me of oh-so-many insecure graduate students, just learning theory. The proof kavaleir it was that these booksellers actually imagined that my publishers would have passed me off as gay in order to sell more books. Transgender individuals identify with a gender other than their birth gender and may undergo hormone therapy or surgery. You can write a great novel, and it can still have slow parts; look kavapier Anna Karenina.

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