Teacher-librarians must carry out research in order to understand and know the interest of teachers and to find ways to attract them to use the resource centers and the services of teacher.. List of open access journals. This is also reported in a research by Lindsay where the principals encouraged teachers to use a range of resources beyond the textbooks in their instruction. Past, Present and Prospect. Finally, the questionnaire was distributed to respondents from four selected MJSCs. Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password?

Teachers should know the roles of the teacher-librarians. Help Center Find new research papers in: Civil Engineering Service Feature: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. National Library of Medicine Material Type:

Organizational Psychology Service Feature: The results also found that 58 Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy Service Feature: National Library of Medicine Material Type: However, the finding showed that some of the respondents 50, The questionnaire was modified in order to suit this study. Open Access Africa Journal Online: Findings showed that 50 MJSCs pride itself in innovative curricular experimentation drawn from the best practices of schools, particularly those of the United States of America.


Past, Present and Prospect.

lib swu ac th data thesis

Developmental psychology Service Feature: Library and Information Science Education in Malaysia: A pilot study was conducted and the questionnaire was distributed to 15 teachers at a secondary school in Kedah. Help Center Find new research papers in: Another approach that could be taken dta the school management, in particular the school principal, is to pave the way for more dynamic collaborative educational partnerships to take place between the teachers and teacher-librarians and for the reform of the school library programs Hartzell, ; Pharr, xc Thus, information literacy needs to develop in the context of school reforms, restructuring, assessment, and dwta goals.

From Table 4, the results showed that 79 From the survey, 70 Communication Culture Service Feature: School Libra Media Specialists and Teachers “. Accessed on 10 February from: Information literacy standards for student learning: This is an opportunity for the school teachers to develop an understanding of information literacy.

Open Access Engineering Journal. Skip to main content.

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In the present technology development, teacher-librarians also assist teachers and students in identifying and accessing information in the school library either via traditional or electronic methods. Library and Information Science Education in the Maghreb. Environmental Microbiology Service Feature: Antimicrobial Agents Service Feature: Information Science and Systems Service Feature: European Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.


lib swu ac th data thesis

Accessed on 1 Feb from: The questions include level of teachers’ understanding about information literacy, teachers’ perception on the ability and skills of teacher-librarians, what teacher-librarians do with regards to information literacy in order to support teachers and students, and how confident the teachers are on their own to impart information literacy skills. Tourism, Tourism Management Service Feature: Teachers should know the roles of the teacher-librarians.

Information literacy programs aim to provide the foundation for continuous growth for both teachers and students in fulfilling their roles as informed citizens.

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