Phenolic constituents of eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh, with potential antioxidant and cytotoxic activities. Triterpenes of Datura innoxia Mill. The equilibrium adsorption is environment, particularly aquatic environment. Landsberg am Lech, Germany: Log In Sign Up. Total antioxidant activity of EO, stem wood and stem bark was Results showed significant anti-inflammatory activity in both models.

Each single dose of DR and CP showed highest inhibition rat of 4. Indigenous knowledge of folk herbal medicines by the women of district Chakwal. The chloroform seed extract of D regia and ethanol seed extract of A aspera showed high inhibitory zone against E. During January , a large scale outbreak of the giant looper, Boarmia selenaria [ Ascotis selenaria ], was observed on several trees of D. Carum copticum Ethnomedicinally, C.

Missouri Botanical Garden, Antibacterial, antimycelial and phytochemical analysis of ricinus communis linn, trigonella foenum grecum linn and delonix regia Bojer ex Hook. Piperazine citrate was used as reference drug.

literature review on delonix regia

Nutritional and haemagglutination properties of several tropical seeds. Study evaluated various extracts of leaf and seed of Delonix regia and A.


Delonix regia (flamboyant)

Assessment techniques of antimicrobia l properties of natural compounds of plant origin: Handbuch und Atlas der Dendrologie]. Seeds of plant contain glucomannose.

As a result, the The adsorption capacity of BLP for methylene blue was residual and unspent dyes are discharged into the found to be Pakistan Pak J Bot.

Pacific Islands Ecosystems at Risk. Most of the common names for D.

Literature review on delonix regia – delonix vs caesalpinia | UYIRI

The most susceptible bacterial were S. They vary considerably in intensity of colouring, ranging from orange-vermillion to deep scarlet. Study evaluated the antiemetic activity of methanol extracts of five leguminous plant leaves, viz. The beetle and larvae of Poecilips sierraleonensis can bore into the pods of D. Powder luterature is more suitable for the batch type contact process. Mucilage obtained from the seeds were used in the preparation of calcium carbonate tablets.

The fruit ripens in the rainy season and remains on the tree for a long time, often until the end of the next season. Delonix regka was rfgia of 12 medicinal plants studied for antibacterial activity. Results showed cytotoxic activity against human liver cancer cell line HEPG2. Pandey J, Agrawal M, Tropical Agriculture, Trindidad, 39 4: Occurrance of Pericyma cruegeri Buttler as a defoliator of Delonix regia Raf.


literature review on delonix regia

Triterpenes of Datura innoxia Mill. Orthezia insignis is also very widely distributed in the tropics, subtropics and warmer parts of temperate zones. Plant products as antimicrobial agents. The genus Delonix Leguminosae: The leaves with Log In Sign Up. The seeds have a hard, bony testa. The trees start flowering at years old. Chlorpromazine was used a standard drug.

There is no study conducted so far on the phytochemistry of this plant. Ecomed Verlagsgesellschaft Sheikh MI,

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